Mother Knows Best

Last month our own likeOMGitsFEDAY and inklesspen attended RTX in Austin, TX. likeOMGitsFEDAY played Halo 4 during one of the streams, and our submitter was also noticed by Jay E Eff Eff during broadcast.

“I actually opened this message with my mother sitting right next to me. Luckily, she’s well aware of how people can be online. She suggested that I reply with, ‘My chest has its own zip code.'”

Jay E Eff Eff

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  1. Kramski says:

    I believe he thinks he is being polite by saying “chest”

  2. At least he noticed the gaming even if it was an afterthought…

  3. Boobs first, skills second.

  4. Oliver Reischl says:

    First time on this page,… Wow! I’m impressed, freaked out and deeply ashamed being a man right now… :O

    • Ben-Gali says:

      Hush.  That makes as much sense as chicks being ashamed for being the same gender as Palin, or blacks for being the same pigment as MC Hammer.

    • DeathbyDD says:

       You shouldn’t be ashamed of being a man, sweetie. You should do what you can to let other dudes know that this kind of behavior is as unacceptable as homophobia and racism and will be challenged. ^_^

  5. David Scott says:

    “… and that Zip Code is 80085”.

    Sorry; couldn’t help myself. It hearkened back to my days as a young lad with a calculator. That being said, it is remarkably… uh… polite, as far as comments go. 

  6. Is
    there anyone who likes tomato juice ?

    I do.

    you’re a rich family who just bought a juicer plant and you pay for
    tomatoes and would like to get as much juice as possible. However,
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    ofc we should scold and teach the tomatoes’ kids in the tomato
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    While replying please think, are you following the herd, or you got a
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    above family) or it IS really what’s on your mind.

    • Anonymous says:


      I can’t tell if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re just unintentionally ridiculous.  Either way, you seem to be missing the point of this place, and assuming too much of what goes on in the minds of the folks here.

    • Anonymous says:


    • okidoll says:

      Admire the opposite sex? Calling a woman a cunt and saying you want to rape her is not admiration. Have you bothered to read the posts here on this site? This is the exact mentality we are speaking of.

    • DeathbyDD says:

       I had some trouble following your tomato analogy but I’m guessing you feel like your rights as a privileged, white, heterosexual male are being infringed upon huh? You feel like your lack of civility is the womenz fault, right? How dare they not sympathize with your burden of being a man! And those dudes that actually grow up and take responsibility are just pandering. Amirite?

  7. Krista Roscovius says:

    um…what’s with the tomatoes? O.o

  8. OWSR says:

    Yes, online person, how dare you compliment me on my physical appearance and my ability to play videos games!!! >:( Shame on you good sir, shame!

    • Krista says:

       Because every girl wants to hear, “damn, you got nice boobs!” when they’re introduced to someone new.

      • DeathbyDD says:

         Its not even that no girl wants that comment to be part of a random conversation, its also that it makes a random (every such) conversation into something sexual…which is, ya know, the opposite of ‘comfortable’. >_>

  9. Note that I haven’t actually seen the Twitch stream in question, but since he capitalized the word, is there a chance that she had a really wicked looking treasure chest in the background somewhere?

  10. regreg says:

    Nothing is wrong with that. Granted, it is more fun if you approach sexuality like the other person does, but all he did was compliment your skills and your looks. Instead of getting all defensive about your gender and painting everybody who’s slightly in the wrong an “dumb sexist man,” you should have given him a digital nose flick, telling him that you don’t like his straightforward approach or that you think he shouldn’t bring up sexuality like that.
    I can totally see him as a great guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have really good grammar. It’s particularly stunning when it contrasts with stupid content you constructed from it– so good job with that! (I know you like your compliments)

      “Nothing is wrong with that.”

      Really? I’m a social retard and I can clearly see what’s wrong with this. The general consensus of decorum in society is that, in part, you don’t talk about a stranger’s sexual characteristics to that stranger.

      In our society, it’s the possessor of the sexual characteristics who gives permission to others to talk about them. And generally that means people have to spend time with each other before they’re comfortable with it,

      By ignoring that protocol, JEFF is being extremely disrespectful of the submitter. Most people would be disrespected if treated the way JEFF treated the submitter.

      So, hopefully you can see now that there is something wrong with this.

      “‘Instead of getting all defensive about your gender and painting everybody who’s slightly in the wrong an ‘dumb sexist man,'”

      Where do you see any of this happening? Who is getting defensive? Who’s painting anyone as a dumb sexist man?

      Since you like dishing out advice, I’ll presume that you like receiving it as well: Maybe, when responding to something, you could actually address what’s going on instead of saying what ever the fuck comes to mind.

      • regreg says:

        Good thing he didn’t talk, he *wrote* the message. The implications of the conversation of the two are wholly different to begin with since what you’re talking about (yes, we can obviously use the word, no need to attack me on this front, I just had to emphasize the written nature of his message for a moment) is a much more intrinsic form of communication.
        Saying that he’s disrespectful, ergo doesn’t respect her is a bit odd when he’s actually being respectful throughout the message and very obviously didn’t mean to be rude or offend. The two parties simply had different views on what’s appropriate to say and thus neither is to be blamed. The very least you shouldn’t assume otherwise unless you have a reason to.

        Here is the conclusion you made: “He did something that’s commonly thought of as a sign of disrespect, therefore he is disrespectful.” That’s nonsense.

        If you want to know, sarcastic replies are defensive to begin with.

    • DeathbyDD says:

      Sweet! You should immediately being spreading your unique message of “suck it up and be grateful, ladies!”. … Actually, never mind. I pretty sure that sterling piece of advice is already being handed out for free on every street corner by dudes just like Jeffrey. In fact, it seems women have generally come to a consensus that we don’t much like being talked at like that, hence websites like this which serve to lightly humorize this behavior. But, ya know? One day, if Jeffery learns to speak to women like People, I’m sure he will be able to show off that ‘great guy’ side of him too! And I bet that will be just SWELL!

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