Gentlemen First

zackty9800 puts forth a rather trusting exchange proposal.

“I received this message right after I had come online and was getting ready to watch Netflix on my Xbox.  I don’t know this person and now I thankfully never will he has been reported and blocked. This was my first “naughty” message on Xbox Live in the almost three years since I got a Gold membership.”


11 Responses to Gentlemen First

  1. I started telling people I charge $200 for photos.  I take Visa.  Mail me your card.

    Ironically, I have never once been called a whore when I actually joke I will charge them. 

    • remeranAuthor says:

       Probably because they don’t actually know what a whore is.

    • DeathbyDD says:

       Hey thats pretty gosh-darned clever! *nodnod* ^_^

      • Usually the response I get is either an attempt to negotiate a “discount”, or “WTF 200 i can get pron 4 free”.

        Sure, but you’re asking ME.  Supply and demand, babe.

        • DeathbyDD says:

          Hehehehehehe! More power to you!
          Its like when dudes tell me to go make ’em a sammich.
          I say ‘you bet, buddy! But you’re making the next one for me!’
          Unless they are literally just there to flame they tend to find this funny and are more at ease in the presenc of a *GASP!* female ^_^

  2. wiwille says:

    Doesn’t seem like a fair trade, but perhaps I’m biased.

  3. DeathbyDD says:

    Hooray for Minecraft porn!

  4. Anonymous says:

    That’s just not a fair trade.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s just not a fair trade.

  6. Skip Mathias says:

    So, you have to give up 10-digits AND 2 boobs to see 1 penis? How is that fair? As a math major I know 12 > 1

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love how they assume that we actually want to see their penis…

    “Oh wow! If I show you my boobs AND give you my phone number, you’ll show me your PENIS?!?!?! Wow! How can a girl be so lucky as to be able to see your penis, and for such a low price!”

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