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Bored with the current options, Fudge Kittens93 is looking for an exciting new environment.

“I was playing Gears of War 3 as usual, and this random message was sent to me, this person was not in my recent players, and I have no idea who they are.”

Fudge Kittens93

  • DeathbyDD

    Sounds like you’re living in the ‘recreation’ zone. >_>

  • JustPlainSomething

    It’s amazing what messages sound tame right after you read “I want to smell your taint” in the post below it.

    However, “Fudge Kittens” is a really creepy username.

  • Anonymous

    I second the “Fudge Kittens” observation.

  • Iggy

    I think the post about the “taint” was much more “Ewww!” reaction worthy than this one.

    This one did make me smile, though. XD

  • DeathbyDD

    Is 93 the year he wuz borneded? :P

  • Soulsinger_with_the_Watch

    “I think you’re probably undergeared for 1v1 right now. You should probably grind a few levels first.”

  • DeathbyDD


  • LTD.Edition

    This guy is in another post too

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