Judging by the celebratory avatar, this effort was a long time coming. So xXvivalakramXx, it seems congratulations are in order! We’re all very proud of you.


  • Liv Suzanne Stubbe Teglbjærg

    “It is thiiiiiis big!” *facepalm*

  • Krista

    Yayy! We’re all so proud of you, sweetie :) 

  • Felix Tam

    “I’m the king of the world!” LOL

  • Lydia O’Neill

    I like how it’s ‘pretty’ huge. Like, it’s not actually huge, but it is *kind of* huge.

  • Anonymous

    ….not to brag or anything.

  • Samantha

    Oh good, I’ve been getting so tired of those ugly huge dicks.

  • Joey H.

    I think it’s charming that he doesn’t want to set you up for disappointment.

  • DeathbyDD

    *high-five!* ^_^

  • Tasha Kent

    Really, now, shouldn’t this be called “achievement”? Like, a picture of a huge coiled snake with the title “Job 41:1″ or something moderately obscure?

  • Caliope

    He “got” one? As in he received a pretty big penis. I wonder where because that has the potential to be highly painful.

  • Ben-Gali

    LOVE IT!!!

  • huma khan

    love big ones

  • Alex Camargo

    And you are saying this because???

  • Karla Jo Frost

    He spelled “am” wrong.

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