BlUecHeEsEy goes out of his way to make our submitter feel welcome by helping her fill up that friends list.

“I was in a Search n Destroy game and this BlueCheesey and his mates were picking a stupid fight with one of my teammates. It went on for two games and I just unmuted my mic and asked my teammate to ignore them. Once they heard my voice, they started the usual insults. I just muted them because I really couldn’t be bothered. Then he sent me the first message, and then he sent that M2AF to add and spam me. I’m just guessing that he was furious because he couldn’t get a single kill throughout the whole game.”

BlUecHeEsEy - 1BlUecHeEsEy - 2

  • Krista

     I particularly like how he goes out of his way to send a “M2AF” to someone who isn’t on his friend’s list at all. His friends (if he truly has any and isn’t simply posturing) are just as bad as him, if they are inclined to spam someone they don’t even know.

  • Dr.MaalacPhD.

    Did it strike anyone else funny his gamerscore is a mere 720G?  So not only is he an idiot, he’s a complete and utter Noob! No wonder he couldn’t get a kill on her.

  • DeathbyDD

    I hope you cleaned up him and his team. *high five!* XD
    His gamer score is probably so low because he has been banned before and had to create a new account (not hard) to continue being mean. Its just as easy to be nice as it is to be mean but being nice is MUCH MORE FUN! ^_^

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