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In case you missed it from either our Facebook or Twitter feeds, there’s a great new article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Check it out: It’s a man’s (virtual) world Thanks to Lucy Meyer for the story!

Well x SoLsTiic x, now I’m wondering exactly which stations.

x SoLsTiic x

  • Joanna

    Well at least it’s original. 

  • James Sprenger

    A religious man, are you Mr. xSoLsTiic? Anger and hatred are sins you know.

    Oh, and what about the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and other peaceful teachings religious doctrine extols?
    I’d worry a little more about the impurity of your own soul, rather than your stats in an online multiplayer video game, or the sex/gender of the one who handed you your ass.Finally, shame on you for casting a negative light on gamers and people of faith alike.-Yours Truely, a mild-mannered Agnostic.

  • JPH

    As utterly horrible as the message is, what bugs me most is that he randomly switched from present to past tense for no reason. GRAMMAR, DAMN IT.

  • Victor Hugo Fernandez Alvarez

    I’m genuinely surprised by this site. I mean, I knew being a girl online wasn’t exactly pleasant but these levels of demeaning behaviour are simply appaling.

    Isn’t there any way to filter out people below a certain age in those networks? I want to believe all those messages come from horny 14-year old guys who still don’t know any better. Not that age is an excuse, but still…

    Seriously guys, if any of you who read this are prone to this kind of outbursts online you should know there hasn’t been a single point in the whole history of mankind where a woman has offered sex in exchange for such combination of stupidity and crudity.

  • Luthi

    Sorry to tell you that it’s mostly older than 14 year olds.

  • Krista Roscovius

     Unfortunately, it’s mostly older teens and young adults. Just listen to the recordings at Not In The Kitchen, Anymore ( You rarely hear anything like that from kids.

  • DeathbyDD

    By ‘devil’ I guess he means Lucifer, yea? Now why in all the planes of oblivion would dear old Lucy go and do something like that? First it was ‘the devil made me do it’ then it was ‘the devil will steal your soul!’.
    First off, the devil never made anyone do ANYTHING. And second? Second, what in the world would he want with a soul (or sodomy, as the case may be) anyway? He’s not walking around bargaining for souls like a fishwife at market (and everyone knows angels come ill equip for sexual escapades). Who thinks this stuff?
    Lucy is likely doing much more productive things. Like seeing a therapist for his existential choice restrictions and daddy issues, poor dear. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    One of the few examples that somehow make more sense to have been sent to a man.

    Also, Family zone? With that mouth?

  • Victor Hugo Fernandez Alvarez

    That’s just sad. Is it me or are the younger generations getting increasingly infantilized while confusing an obsession with sex with actual maturity? And I’m asking that in my Hulk tshirt.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Not ALL the am radio stations, just a few of them. I’m not a monster, after all.

    Seriously, dude?

  • Krista Roscovius

     It could be. Like, they think that talking big, bad and dirty will earn them some sort of respect amongst other men. Unfortunately, you’ll see that they usually DO get some sort of respect from their friends and fellow infantile and moronic friends. This encourages them to basically keep acting like idiots.

    You can’t imagine how many times I hear something like, “yeah, well your pussy stinks” in the audio clips at Not In The Kitchen, Anymore, and it’s met with amused laughter from the other guys. It makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

    It’s such a terrible thing to say, unsolicited.  Still, the creativity of it amuses me.

    I absolutely love how Solstiic mentions AM radio stations– they were irrelevant in their heyday!

  • Boe2

    About the article: What is not being said is that this problem seems to occur in particular with online shooting games. While incidents do happen in other games, they are not very common.
    My girlfriend plays World of Warcraft, does no effort to hide her gender (even uses voice communication) and the amount of incidents during the last 4 years I can count on 1 hand. (On the other hand, she does get a lot of freebies from random players. Better than being harassed anyway :p)

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    It’s true most of these seem to come from shooting games, but there’s actually a wide variety on the site. For example, if you play Uno, DOTA2, Minecraft, CivWorld, MTGO, APB:R, Aion, or SW:TOR, you could see some nasty stuff.

    But you say World of Warcraft is safe? Well, that’s good to know.

  • Krista Roscovius

    While abusive events can and do happen in a wide variety of games, I do agree that they are likely ‘most common’ in a franchise like COD.

  • Anonymous

    But you say World of Warcraft is safe? ”

    No, Boe2 didn’t say that.  In fact, he explicitly stated that it has happened.  He’s just making an observation about frequency between genres.

    Though, now that you mention it, considering that WoW has some-odd 9 million subscribers, having only five submissions from the game is remarkable, and would imply that that game is relatively “safe”.

  • Ell Tee

    I love that his gamer zone is “family”.

  • Anonymous

    But wait, the AM stations are the worst, after all they are the ones that your parents listen to.

  • Anonymous


  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Sounds like Dennis Leary writing for a Judd Apatow movie

  • lasertwig

    If anyone’s honestly offended by this you need to grow up. The stuff here is hilarious, and you can tell most of it is in jest.

  • Anonymous

    You aren’t helping anything.

  • DeathbyDD

     Humor is often used when making homophobic or racist comments. Its a way of disguising the prejudice. Rape jokes and the like are of the same caliber of deceptive animosity when directed at da womenz. Just because somebody uses a winky face (for example) after writing up some hate-speech, does make the comment any less serious. It just misleads people like you into thinking nothing bad is happening.

  • Anonymous

    I like you DxDD, but if you’re trying to say that people only make discriminatory jokes because they have prejudices, I completely disagree.

    My friends and I will make offensive jokes with each other.  They aren’t funny because they disparage and dehumanize other people.  They’re funny because they could.  Sounds like a fine-line I guess.  The point is, we, as the jokers and joke-listeners, find the jokes offensive.  What’s funny is making each other cringe inside, not actually making someone feel less-than-human.

    As a white person, I can find jokes about white-folk funny.  Hell, they don’t even have to be a joke, really.  Here’s a recent back and forth between me and my black boss (and friend):

    “Ogre, you ever have fried potatoes before?”
    “I, uh, I’ve had hash browns before.”
    “Fuck you, white-boy! You’re so white!”
    *with dejected acceptance*”Yeah, I am…”

    Another gem:
    “What the fuck do you know about Kool-Aid, whitey?”

    Also, he enjoys presuming, due to my whiteness, that at any moment I’ll start committing genocide and begin to enslave people.

    And it’s funny.

    The point is, sometimes words aren’t designed to wound, though they could.  The important bit is recognizing who your audience is.  To be sure that the people who hear your joke receive it as much.

  • DeathbyDD

     Nope! I’m not trying to say that only prejudiced people make discriminatory jokes. Jokes can ease tension and stuff and CAN be funny. I guess I should have been more specific.
    However joking isn’t some sacred art where people should get all defensive about their gods-given right to joke at the expense of others.
    >>>there is no such right, thats just being mean expecting people to accept it lying down<<<<<
    If someone finds a 'joke' in bad taste it was probably a mistake to have made that joke at all. Furthermore, I LIKE YOU TOO! OgreJehosephatt! (cool name!) But if you are saying that people don't use jokes as a way to get in some judgement free hate-speech into comments and through casual dialogue, then I disagree with you right back. ^_^

  • Anonymous

    However joking isn’t some sacred art where people should get all defensive about their gods-given right to joke at the expense of others. …there is no such right, thats just being mean expecting people to accept it lying down,,, 

    I completely agree.

    If someone finds a ‘joke’ in bad taste it was probably a mistake to have made that joke at all. 

    I completely agree with this as well!

    (cool name!)

    :) Thanks!

    But if you are saying that people don’t use jokes as a way to get in some judgement free hate-speech into comments and through casual dialogue, then I disagree with you right back. ^_^

    I am not saying that at all!  Clearly some folks say shitty stuff to other people and claim it as a joke in a pseudo-passive-aggressive attack.  So we also agree upon this!

  • DeathbyDD

    Swell! HOORAY for agreeing! *tackleHUGGLZ* ^_^

  • Alexander Mutegeki

    Is Limbaugh on AM? Is he still on the air?

  • Icarus Kurier

    While I don’t dig that this was really unsolicited, this one actually sounds more just like generic trash talk (and the AM radio comment is so ridiculous it really comes off as a joke).  I could see this being sent to anyone, of any gender, and I don’t think I’d personally be offended.  I’d probably even retort.

    Now, again, coming out of the blue isn’t all that cool, not a great first impression, but I don’t find this expressedly sexist or outside of general trash talk.

    And sodomy is never cool.  As a victim of such acts, I am definitely not a fan of that being a joke.  But I don’t see this individual as having really malicious intent, unlike most other posts on this site.

     /two cents.

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