GiiNNeRz has the kind of imagination that won’t really let you un-mind-see what it hath wrought.



  • Michael Fry

    Well, can you? Lol

    I found this one funny more than “wait, what?”

  • Leslee Beldotti

    Ok, I’m old. What on earth does that even MEAN?

  • Earthbound_X

    What? I’m confused….

  • Anonymous

    What Google says a Sugar Puff is, is not what I think the guy above is talking about.

    I thought he said “Jigglypuff” at first.  It made me laugh.

  • JustPlainSomething

     I’m pretty sure he just made that up. Also, flaps? …. Flaps?

  • Anonymous

    He saying flaps is implying someone’s fats. And sugarpuff he means that creature on the cereal sugar puff’s box.

  • remeranAuthor

    Yes I can.

  • DeathbyDD

    I iz confuzzled..

  • Anonymous

    I believe “flaps” refer to labia.

  • Johanna Roberts

    I well… that one is at least creative, I’ll give it that.

  • Jamie Leigh

    I think I would have asked him if he could pull his head out of his ass and have a decent thought…

  • Anonymous

    Why so much hate? This one is actually funny, and doesn’t even belong on this website.

  • Anonymous

    And why don’t you think so?

  • Adam Cornelison

    Lol, it is kind of funny. Hehe. Sounds similar to any other creative organ joke one guy will make to another online.

  • Bryan Girty

    My mind now cannot un-see that.  CURSE YOU GiiNNeRz!

  • Randomfire27

    I laughed so hard reading this.

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