Fair Trade

I don’t know, seems shady. MicMonen hasn’t even specified which cards! (online client for Magic: the Gathering)


  • http://facebook.com/deathbydd DeathbyDD

    I’m drawing a blank.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thegrem Michael K Gremillion

    Strangleroot Geist? Niiice. Maybe MicMonen should’ve focused more on winning…

  • Matthew Darren Gould

    if it’s fourty alpha black lotuses in mint condition you should do it

  • Matthew Darren Gould

    why was someone dismembering and go for the throating a strangleroot giest isn”t that both card disadvantage and a waste of removal?

  • Brennan Barrington

    If these people want to see breasts, why don’t they just watch porn, save the cards, and spare everyone a lot of annoyance?

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