First Things First

XPRO X DEVIL prefers to establish the basic information before moving on to the intimacy of video.


  • Earthbound_X

    Would it have been that hard to write see instead of c? It’s just to more letters.

  • Tom Clancy

    So confused: are we doing both or do I only get to see your penis if I video chat?

  • manybellsdown

    I wish guys would learn that most women do not find a random penis picture all that interesting.  Dress it up in a little bow, at least.  

  • sketches

    ah, so its best if themed. *takes notes* ok here’s what i got: “want to see my… loch ness monster themed penis?”*

    *not to scale

  • Wesley Cole

    what is with that gamer pic and inappropriate comments. 

  • Bronson O’Quinn

    No, man. You determine whether or not you want to chat based on his junk. 

    It’s actually a clever reversal or gender stereotypes where chauvinists would have you believe that women aren’t worth talking to except for visible secondary sex characteristics. By offering to take what is normally hidden and make it public, he’s turning the situation on its head, thus empowering the female with the position of power.

    I get it.

  • DeathbyDD

     Oh thats pretty clever that! What a woman-empowering feminist he is! XD

  • manybellsdown

    Curse you!  You have hit upon my weakness!

  • Anonymous

    The description of the post totally nails it! Hilarious.

  • Krista Roscovius

     Clearly you have misunderstood him. There is no question mark at the end of it, meaning there is no question involved. He seems to be demanding that this particular young lady perform what I can only assume is a sex act called ‘wanna c’, then demanding that afterwards, they video chat.

    How you could see this barbaric display as anything less then yet another show of dominant male-ism, I cannot say.

  • Soulsinger_with_the_Watch

     Krista, congratulations. You made my thinky place hurt. ;)

  • Petra Fišerová

    I guess it’s a shame that while most men want to see women’s genitalia, most women are not interested in seeing men’s genitalia. 
    I’ve met some girls who were very much into butts, but that’s about as close as it gets XD

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