Casual Conversation

s2 Mizzle has something he’s just been dying to bring up, but it’s just never the right time to ask.

s2 Mizzle

  • The T

    To be fair, that is TOTALLY something Akuma would say. (not.)

  • Andrew Selvarasa

    HAHAHA! Just, the name, the avatar, the question… HAHAHAHAHA!

  • manybellsdown

    Why, how fat are you?

  • Anonymous

    If Akuma got this message, I think he’d say something like this:
    “This grows boring!

    You are not enough even for a warm up!Now stay down!”

  • DeathbyDD

    No, thank you! ^_^

  • Ignorant Awareness

    What game is this?

  • Anonymous

    It’s not a game, it’s a dashboard… Maybe

  • Anonymous

    This one came in from Jaspir. All she plays is Gears of War lately. :P Pretty sure it’s a mobile XBL screenshot.

  • Anonymous

    Yep! It’s a screenshot from the XBL app for iPhone!

  • Anonymous

    Mystery solved!

  • Anonymous

    Well, that depends on who own’s it. I don’t just go with anybody. (PS — that line isn’t going to work, please take it back and try again. Thank you.)

  • Malcolm Seabrook

    “No, sorry. I like a slim gentleman. Appreciate the honesty, though. Best of luck!”

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