Sorry to hear the match didn’t work out for you, I Am Spinn. Perhaps your post-match response can change the outcome!

“I was on MW3 on the Xbox playing drop zone and came top on my team. This guy here was on the other team and their team lost to mine. He ragequit shortly before the game ended and sent me this message not long after. It was unprovoked as I was in party chat. This is just a fraction of the amount of abuse I get on a daily basis. I have filed a complaint.”

I Am Spinn

  • Anonymous

    A true classic.

  • Etchainer Bethune

    Sometimes you’ve just got to get back to basics. Hateful trash, I implore, when last did you simply exclaim “Ugly Bitch”? Don’t forget your roots in favor of the fanciful foulness, just because it’s popular!

  • JPH

    Love how he has 140 gamerscore. You know he’s been banned at least once already.

  • Krista Roscovius

    Looks like he just spun out, that time.

    Just curious – how did he know you were a girl in the first place, since you were in party chat? Does anything in your bio point to that, or was it just a ‘lucky guess’?

  • Anonymous

    From my profile I guess. The only thing that shows that I’m female is my Avatar.

  • Anonymous

    So many interesting things about this one.  Why capitalize ”dirty” and “fat?  Such respect Spinn gives to these words!  Spinn has a big mouth for someone with a gamerscore of only 140.  Could this be an account Spinn uses just to harass people? People who play recreationally don’t behave like that.

    But, most importantly, what the hell is up with the candy corn gamer picture?  And is that a silhouette of a controller on it?  Why would someone make such an image?  And what kind of person would choose that picture to represent them?

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha I’m with you on the candy corn gamer picture. It’s a total wtf picture, for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Does the abuse ramp up during the summer months on XBOX LIve, &c. the same way we observe it does on World of Warcraft once Mother’s Little Racist Darlings™ are out of school? (generally June 10-Sept 5 in NA) I always wondered if it was cyclical in the same way, or if it was a fairly constant torrent of random bad words strung together they’d heard older kids use.

  • DeathbyDD

    Well thats just MEAN, that is! I mean why be so angry? Why not be proactive and go out and play a few games. Raise that score a little?
    Also, if ‘dirty’ means ‘ugly’, then he basically wrote this comment for this website, didn’t he? XD

  • PLuM


  • PLuM

    He sent me a message saying he wanted to butt fuck my friend :( 

  • Krista Roscovius

     I hope she reported it.

  • Anonymous

    That is so sweet. Does he have a brother?

  • Anonymous

    It’s free speech… stop whining… if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.  You have no right to be treated like a princess, so stop trying to force people to.  Guys also get called names on video games too… “fag”, “bitch”, “d-bag”, “noob”… all kinds of derogatory names… you don’t see them complaining.  Wow… “abuse”… what sensitive whiners… suck it up.

  • Anonymous

    A truly convincing argument. Thanks! 

  • Anonymous

    So do you like being called bitch fag d-bag noob?  If you don’t then what’s wrong with encouraging people to stop?  Just because you capable of enduring something doesn’t mean you should.

    Also, if free speech covers being an asshole, then why doesn’t free speech cover being a whiner?  Why do you accept assholes over whiners? Oh, because you’re asshole, right?  And why are you whining about whiners?  So you’re an asshole and a whiner.

    You must hate yourself.  You must know a bunch of people who feel the same way about you.

  • Krista Roscovius

     Sweetness, there’s really no such thing as freedom of speech on xbox live. That’s why people are continuously banned for claiming to mod, to pretend to BE mods, to buy/sell modding services over Live, and yes, to verbally attack or assault other members.

    Maybe you are happy to be called such petty, childish names all day. Perhaps you enjoy degradation. My friends, others do not. And we aren’t willing to stand for it, whether it’s being aimed at men OR women.

    To conclude, you can’t stand listening to us ‘whine’, get off the site. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t CARE what some online troll says after he loses and rage-quits… it’s pitiful that YOU DO.

    Just because you are INcapable of enduring something doesn’t give you the right to force others to have to tip-toe around your thin skin.

    Freedom of speech surely DOES cover being a whiner, but you people are NOT JUST whining.  You are demanding that people be punished (banned, or accounts cancelled) for speech that doesn’t please you.  

    Someone calls me names… I block them and move on.  Someone calls YOU names… and you want them tracked down and reprimanded… THAT’S the difference.

    “Oh, because you’re an asshole, right?… so you’re an asshole and a whiner.  You must hate yourself…”

    Is that REALLY your argument?!?  ”Shut up poopey-head!!”  Seriously?  LOL…

    Sorry Ogre… but we’re not gonna restrict free-speech because you had a temper-tantrum… suck it up.

  • Anonymous

    Sugar, there surely is freedom of speech on X-Box Live.  Modding is tampering with copyrighted equipment and akin to STEALING… it has nothing to do with “free speech”.  You trying to equate the two simply proves that you have no argument here.

    “Maybe you are happy to be called such petty, childish names all day. Perhaps you enjoy degradation.”  Funny how you can’t stand to be called “petty, childish names”, and yet that is exactly what you (and your fellow posters) do to me when you cannot disprove my argument that you disagree with.Baby-doll, I am not “happy” to “be called such petty, childish names”… nor am I “sad” about it… I DON’T CARE, nor do I respect the overly sensitive (like you) who do.  ”And we aren’t willing to stand for it, whether it’s being aimed at men OR women.”And we aren’t willing to stand for controlling busybodies trying to censor the words that come out of our mouths. ”To conclude, you can’t stand listening to us ‘whine’, get off the site. Thank you.”To conclude, if YOU can’t stand listening to gamers rage-quit, get off the game.  Thank you.

    And if you disagree with me you are a misogynistic, sexist and bigoted woman-hater… (oops, sorry, just got a little feminist right there).

  • Krista Roscovius

     I have a hard time believing I’m a woman-hater since I, you know, AM one. Once again (and I really should continue this stupid argument, but what the hell. I’m bored), not everyone is going to stand for being verbally attacked. Microsoft has RULES against it, hun. And you can and will get banned for it. You don’t like it, and I don’t give a damn. You can sit there on your rump being called disgusting words all day long. But if someone does that to me over Live, which is a privately-controlled social network, yes, I WILL report their dumb asses. Because I have the right to, and they do not have the right to speak to me like that.

    But please, continue to enjoy being a verbal punching bag :) Oh, and if you think the disagreement you’re getting here is even remotely akin to being called a, “f@CK#&G FA&@OT @(S BI@#H W&OR# I’m gonna rape ur mother, etc etc etc”, then you really have a thinner skin then I thought.

  • Anonymous

    Ehh it’s a lazy Sunday… I got a minute to reply…

    LOL… apparently my sarcastic “woman-hater” comment went right over your head.  I was just poking fun at the default feminist “debate” tactic of accusing anyone that disagrees with them of being misogynistic.  It was not a serious statement meant for you to ponder introspectively.

    I respect that you won’t “stand for being verbally attacked”… nor would/do I.  So block them and put on your profanity filter and you’re good… no need to resort to being a tattle-tale.

    Microsoft’s RULES are general and vague guidelines that encourage people to act a certain way.  If someone gets many complaints against them, they may get banned or suspended… But there is NO actual software that monitors language, directly (thankfully).

    Now, you may file a complaint against him… and then he can file one against you… and get all his friends to also file complaints against you.  Why get involved in all the back and forth?  Just block and move on…

    You also have to understand that this is how guys talk to each other.  We make fun of each other and put each other down… and it’s understood among guys that it’s a light-hearted testing of each other’s standing within the group.  

    In the same way that you ladies might gossip behind each others’ backs… we guys “gossip” right in each others’ faces with put-downs and competition and so forth.  

    Don’t let the 1-2% of obnoxious ragers who are “masters of the universe” in their own minds ruin it for the rest of us.  Nor is it fair for the 2-3% of gamers who are girls to ruin it for the rest of us, either.  Just because you don’t “get it”, doesn’t give you the right to put an end to it.

    I do not condone what many ragers say, but I strongly believe in their right to say it.  Can you imagine if a light-hearted “f–k you asshole”… sent to my cousin… got me banned?  Do you really want a network where you might say, “go get ‘em b–ch” to your friend… and it gets you banned?  Where is the trash-talking?  We gonna ban that too because a couple of people have sensitive ears?  

    So some guy asked you about your panties… so what?  I’ve had girls ask me similar questions, too (boxers/briefs, etc.)… but you don’t see me throwing a hiss y-fit about it.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable, block it and move on.  

    “if you think the disagreement you’re getting here is even remotely akin to being called a, ‘f@CK#&G FA&@OT @(S BI@#H W&OR# I’m gonna rape ur mother, etc etc etc’”

    By the way… guys hear that all the time on X-Box too… just as vulgar, just as “menacing”.  As a matter of fact… I think I heard that EXACT phrase just this week.  WHO CARES?  GET OVER IT!!  It’s nothing personal against you… he’s mad he lost.  Stop trying to kill an ant with a sledge-hammer!  

    Guys say “I raped you” while gaming all the time… it’s TRASH-TALKING… not an actual threat against your vagina!  

    Should black people take offense when a gamer says, “I owned you!!”?  JEEZ enough is enough… you’re grown ass women put on your big-girl pants already!

    And whether the comments are “remotely akin” to each other is irrelevant, as it is only a difference of degree.  The point IS… that you are hypocrites for being so sensitive to being made fun of… and yet making fun of others, is your default strategy when they disagree with you.

  • Iggy

    I like how The_Capitalist is completely missing the point.

    As is pretty much the case every time someone thinks it’s all about “YOU WOMEN-HATERS CAN’T STAND TRASH-TALKING.”

    No no, that’s NOT what this is about.

  • Iggy

    Sorry, that should be *MAN-HATERS.

    Typing too fast, apparently. XD

  • Krista Roscovius

     Heh, I know ^^ Honestly, I didn’t even bother reading the last reply to me. That’s just way too much text to have to highlight :/ I don’t feel like reading an entire novel about how I apparently need to let myself be called dumb names by puny little brats on Live. Plus, Capitalist has no idea of what ‘context’ means. But whatever.

  • Iggy

     You should see all the Youtube comments about sexist harassment.

    It seriously makes me want to shake some of these people and wonder if they have brains.

  • Anonymous

    Haha.  You seem to imply you only wonder if someone has brains if you shake them.  ”I don’t hear one rattling around in there…”

  • Luke Brittain

    Wow! Actual “fat, ugly, or slutty” material ON THE SITE! This deserves an award.

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