Whereas some just give direction, pault70 helpfully offers his services.


  • Anonymous

    He must have infant sized teeth

  • Anonymous

    I…what..why would…


  • wiwille

    Ye gods…I don’t even…

  • Iggy

    Aw Jeebus.

  • Krista Roscovius

    Is that smilie wearing a teepee? 

  • JustPlainSomething

    How long is he planning to be down there, exactly?

  • JustPlainSomething

    It’s obviously a party hat because he’s a fun guy. Duh.

  • Rachel

    Boyfriend and I have decided it is a wizard’s hat.

  • Y U SO MAD – With that smiley, how can one say no?

    [...] FUoS window.fbAsyncInit = function() { FB.init({appId: "", status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); [...]

  • FauxGateau

    Man this is really the shit you wanna say to a girl. That gets them going. Hell, even I feel a bit hot and bothered. Oh wait, I’m not insane. Never mind.

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