I think our submitter really sums up Garry Garry69‘s messages best:

“There are no words.”

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Garry Garry69

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  1. K. Williams says:

    Jesus … That is absolutely disgusting.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. You’re right, there really isn’t anything to say to this; that’s just absolutely repulsing.

  4. Ethan Roberts says:

    Is it possible to have Tourette Syndrome in your fingers? Like he can’t control the things he types? Gary Garry, go get help man.

  5. Wow… that is really unacceptable.

  6. Further proof of my theory that anyone who uses “69” in a screen name is a mental infant.  Unless you were born in 1969, and I really really hope he’s not that old.

    • William Greeson says:

      Mental infant or troll, can’t decide. I want that one image of Fry. Either way, not someone I would want to associate with, and I’d be happier if he educated himself and learned what “talking” and “humor” are so I never had to hear something like this again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What an angry young man.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sick fuck.

  9. Sean Mullen says:

    Why I play on PC…

  10. JPH says:

     Holy hell.

    I am kind of curious about the context of this. Did he lose to her in an online match or something?

    • Does it even matter? It’s completely inappropriate no matter what.

      • I think it’s just a little more baffling/terrifying if this sort of appeared out of the void without cause or reason.

        We can understand the bear mauling a hiker that got close to the cubs. We can fathom the one-in-a-billion chance to getting socked with an meteor in your backyard. But everyone will get nervous when they hear about the guy who was splattered by an angry bear falling from space.

      • JPH says:

         I’m certainly not saying it “matters” in the sense that anything could possibly justify it. I’m just curious.

    • Goose Checka says:

      The only context was that I was on the Gamer Spotlight on Xbox Live and Xbox.com. I have never played against nor heard of this guy before.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ugh. Gamer Spotlight, strikes again.

        That thing is great at attracting terrible people.

  11. Alex MacKay says:

    The sad thing is, this isn’t even the guy’s real account. If you look it up you can see that it’s just some filler account. Meaning the guy will most likely go unpunished for his completely abhorrent behaviour.
    That guy is disturbed though if he feels like it’s okay to do something like that. One day he’ll get found out for real the kind of sick person he is.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he creates enough filler accounts on the one Xbox and they keep getting banned, his console will eventually get banned, so there is still value in reporting it. I saw someone who got console banned recently because he had 18 banned accounts on the one Xbox and got complained about again.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What I’m hoping is that kids like this get so cocky from acting like this with impunity online, that they try it in the real world and immediately get the crap kicked out of them.

    • While the image is satisfying, pummeling of that kind won’t educate them that their online behavior is wrong. It may even fuel them to go back to xbl and ramp up their nonsense.

      Corporal punishment doesn’t usually teach people to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, so much as it does teach “do unto others BEFORE they can do unto you”.

    • Em says:

      They’re not dumb enough for that, sadly.

  13. Goose Checka says:

    Honestly the best thing, in my opinion, is to share this kind of thing and put it in a public space.

     I was at the PAX East N00Dz or GTFO panel at PAX East and I’m so glad that those ladies shared their messages and their experiences. It was also ridiculously satisfying seeing some guys in the audience become incredibly uncomfortable as they realized that it was a panel about harassment and not some funny panel with actual N00Dz

    • Anonymous says:

      “It was also ridiculously satisfying seeing some guys in the audience become incredibly uncomfortable as they realized that it was a panel about harassment and not some funny panel with actual N00Dz”

      How do you know what they were thinking?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely horrible. I hope he gets console banned ASAP.

  15. Owen Jones says:

    Wow..  Just Wow

  16. Joanna says:

    He seems a little confused.

  17. dackralter12 says:

    Christ on sale, when did Patrick Bateman get an XBLA account? I’d be worried about someone who simply thinks these things with regularity, much less someone who actually sends them to people. He needs to hit up a shrink or something…

  18. Kin Ello says:

    By any chance, had you just stolen his magic ring?

  19. Michael Fry says:

    His father obviously never taught him how to harass girls and ask for their “number” properly.

  20. I hope you did report him and then called the police.  Because Holy Shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      The police?  What can the police do?

      • wiwille says:

        MS does work with law enforcement in case someone files a criminal complaint with the police. It has led to action, few as they may be. Problem is most police departments have no idea this exist, nor does most consumers.

        • Anonymous says:

          Most of the time, because it’s through the internet, the threatener and the victim are in different jurisdictions.  It seems like it would take a whole bunch of cooperation between different groups to make the logistics work for anything to be done with the police, which makes me think they’d need more than words (albeit very sick words) to mobilize.

          Especially considering the use of “slag”, the shithead above is likely in a different country from the victim.

          I can see calling the police if the victim and Garry knew each other offline, but, as it stands, his deranged and disgusting threats are ultimately meaningless.  He’s completely impotent.  I think I’d rather have the police be free to counter more immediate threats.

  21. O.o <—–my face

    I think the "love you" comment after all that was the point where my stomach started to churn. Again, this kind of crap is NOT just trash talking … this is harassment.

  22.  That’s so, so wrong. It sickens me that random guys will pull that crap on the internet not knowing it’ll get them into serious trouble if they aren’t careful. I hope you reported him. No game is worth acting like that!

  23. Iggy says:

    I just… I don’t even…

  24. That’s just down right disturbing.

  25. There should be a category for ” double proposals” or the like. They insult you then ask you for sex.

  26. Cynthia A. says:

    Wow this guy’s pretty pathetic, along with all the other a-hole comments that get posted on here.  It’s unfortunate they have found an outlet to express their frustrated inferiority. Or else- it’s scary they’ve found a way to communicate their squirrly, inappropriate thoughts to society even when it is unwelcome.
    Sadly with their puny little minds, many of them likely paruse this site to see if their harrasment has made it on here. 

  27. Craig says:

    Thats the problem with kids today is they have no respect for anyone including themselves and especially no respect for a woman. Hope he is banned for life. If I caught my son speaking to a woman or anyone else for that matter like that My foot would be in his ass and his XBox in tiny pieces. Glad to see it does not stop you kicking his ass online ;-)

  28. Kris says:

    lol, back and forth.  Sickening, yes, but also hilarious.

  29. NHB Seattle says:

    I partially tracked him… to the U.K. And I am getting closer. 

  30. […] range from the sad “do u want to be my xbox live gf?” to the disturbing, to the downright creepy. Some of them even think they’re being nice and complimenting a player (Here’s a hint: […]

  31. I am ashamed on behalf of all men when I read this. It’s so embarrassing to see that they are on a verbal terrorizing-spree at the few women who actually “dare” to play. I hope that the pigs you write about will be punished in some way.

  32. Facebook User says:

    Its shocking… we need o change the culture of gaming that makes this OK

  33. Light Caster says:

    first of all i just wanna say i dont agree with this guy, but as i read through these comments it seems like most of you are looking down on him. does he have problems i dont know i dont care i know ive had graphic thoughts and have experienced messed up stuff in my life before not to the extent he depicts above but still im sure me and this guy arent the only people that have ever thought or said messed up stuff, i know people who do stuff like this regularly because they think its “funny”. while i think its stupid i cant really say much more than that about it. while some of you would beat on this troll in real life and others are cringing from his word, can we all just take a sec to realise that instead of looking down on this dude we could just learn to not act like this when we feel like verbally bashing someone whether or not they deserve it because actions speak louder than words, two wrongs dont make a right and there is always more than just one or two ways to solve a problem. sorry for my typos or if i sound like some peace preacher im just really really high. good luck to you all.
    – Light

  34. Brennan Barrington says:

    Maybe he’s one of those defective clones from Fallout. You know, the ones that go “GAAAARRY!”

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