This Battlefield 3 server rule is a little more modern and grown-up version, but I still pretend it’s written on cardboard, in crayon, and with an adorable backwards R. :3

Battlefield 3 server - No Girls Allowed

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  1. Anex says:

    Clearly, they prefer the company of other men.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To quote The Miz here: Really?

  3. Joanna says:

    I bet their moms bring them lemonade and tell them to be in bed before 8.

  4. Anonymous says:

    At least the weird messages in Battlefield 3 aren’t yet on the same frequent level as when girls play CoD titles.
    Can we get the link to the server this girl was playing on?

  5. Thank goodness; finally a place where I can be safe from the embarrassment of the possibility of being beaten by someone in possession of a vagina.

  6. Lucan says:

    It’s for a sensible, just reason – They don’t want cooties!

  7. wiwille says:

    Finally evidence of the fact the He Man Woman Haters Club still exists.

  8. Iggy says:

    I… what? What is this I don’t even.

  9. Ethan Roberts says:

    If they can kick you out of a game based on your gender, why cant they boot people out of games based on the fact that they are Assholes?

    I want a “No Assholes Allowed” server!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Bwahaha!  How small the people who run the server must be!

  11. Jesus, why didn’t they just call it the No Homers Club?

  12. Danita Olson says:

    its funny because as soon as i read that i imagined a sign written in crayon with ‘no girls allowed’ and the r backwards hahaha.

  13. I like to think these are the same guys who are befuddled over why girls don’t like nice guys … like them.

  14. You are being overly sensitive, as all women are. These men weren’t sexist or discriminatory, and if they were, that’s just the world we live in so it’s not even their fault, okay? See how you’re making this into a whole big thing? This is why there are NO GIRLS ALLOWED in the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

  15. NOOBs welcome but no BOOBs?  Got it.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would actually wager there are quite a few boobs on the server, ma’am, on the evidence.

  17. Hank Manly says:

    What in fact is wrong with a men only server? My friend likes to play on female only servers, and I have no problem with that. Why should it be wrong to only want to play with guys, or people over a certain age, or only british players, or only african-american players? You always have the option to go to a more inclusive server.

    • Anonymous says:

      When a minority group seeks out their own kind, it’s so they don’t have to feel that their minority status matters. Exempli gratia, a women who plays with women so that she doesn’t receive harassment because she’s a woman. A person in a majority group (in this case, males) doesn’t have that problem, so in these cases the reason for exclusivity is likely to be pure disrespect.

      And while I don’t think people should be forced to be together if they don’t want to be, I think being able to hold entire groups of diverse people to such a low esteem makes someone a bad person.

  18. David Sault says:


  19. Kris says:


  20. Think of it like this, The server admins didn’t want girls/women to be come hurt over what might be said. I have no problem if i get booted for being a guy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha!  So the server admins are being gentlemanly by keeping women from being exposed to their misogynist banter?

      You don’t think it’s offensive to assume a person would be “hurt over what might be said” just because they’re a woman?  As people, women have are diverse and have a varying threshold of what words can hurt them.

      I have no problem if i get booted for being a guy.

      I would suspect that this is largely because it would be an isolated incident for you.  You don’t think this would bother you more if you had to fight exclusionary practices against you in almost every aspect of your life?

      • I don’t think it was gentlemanly, i am just saying that they might not want a girl in there and then complain about the treatment. Notice might, i never said it was definite. True in the case of being a guy and booted it could be isolated. No serious derogatory remarks were made to this poster and there are hundreds, if not thousands (I don’t play BF3), more servers to choose from. Like stated before getting kicked or banned from a server i have never played on before would not bother me, it isn’t like the poster was banned from most BF3 servers.

        • Anonymous says:

          If this incident can be taking completely within itself, I would describe it as you would have.  No big deal– there are many other servers to play on.

          This is but a drop in the tsunami of sexism.  By itself, it’s nothing, but when combined with all the other drops out there, it’s devastating.

          Someone is just trying to have fun and they’re discriminated against for their sex, yet again.  That kind of thing can wear on a person after a while.

  21. “A person in a majority group (in this case, males)” males aren’t the majority,we are  more or less 50/50
    i can’t go to the yoga gym next door because it’s women only, i call this unfair

    • Anonymous says:

      males aren’t the majority,we are  more or less 50/50 

      That is not the kind of majority we’re talking about.  A social majority is the group of people who retain the most power in a society. Read this:

      Men are a majority group in many places, despite the actual male/female ratio.

      i can’t go to the yoga gym next door because it’s women only, i call this unfair too

      So you only read some of my comment?  A women’s-only yoga group isn’t about a dislike of men, it’s about being able to practice yoga without being leered at.  The only reason you think this is unfair is because you’re making no attempt at actually understanding the factors involved.

      all in all i think it’s legitimate, it’s not like this is the only available server and you can’t play elswhere

      All in all, I actually agree with this.  However, I would fear that this may set a precedent for discriminatory server practices.  I don’t want to see what’s more-or-less and isolated incident turn into something common and ugly.

    • Fay Brewer says:

      She’s talking about the ‘dominant’ culture, namely white and male. Cultures subordinate to the dominant have to become tight knit in order to get social justice for themselves. Of course, members of the dominant culture often get all broken up about this as it represents a threat to their position in the hierarchy ./2cents

  22. Dominic Maca says:

    New here and I have been lurking, disappointed with the members of my sex not being able to just man up an admit women can play games too.
    But this? WTF?

  23. Alex Camargo says:

    Geesh what are they afraid of “cooties”?

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