The Platinum Revival

I hate to break it to you SHREDDERULZ but just saying the word doesn’t actually make it a ‘blond’ joke! But kudos for trying to bring ‘em back.

“I headshot him. He ragequit and I sent him a frowny face. That’s what he sent back.”


  • Lucan Monks

    Well, that and making people ragequit from a headshot. :P

  • James Sprenger

    Don’t know why she bothered to even send him a frowny face; he’s clearly not worth getting upset over, both as a player and a person.

  • Etchainer Bethune

    I wonder — are there any games out there right now that punish people who ragequit, or reward people who make someone ragequit? I’m wondering if that’d be funny or terrible…

  • sketches

    i was thinking along those lines too today, after watching someones compilation of streetfighter ragequits: lol.

  • William Clarke

    Head shot leading oral comment/rant… damn my juvenile sense of humour.

  • Iggy

    Got a question – some of these screenshots show the Xbox messaging system as being of a different colour/format – is this a previous version of the Dashboard? Or is this just the camera filter?

  • Chris Jacob

    Halo reach has a quit ban.  If you quit too many games partway through, you get a 5-15 minute time out before you can log in again.  To add a carrot to that stick, if you go a lot of games without quitting, you start getting a reliable player stipend of extra exp per match until the streak ends.     To answer your second question, yes there is!  In TF2, there is an achievement called 
    where you ”cause a dominated player to leave the server.” as a pyro.    :D

  • Anonymous

    I think the Madden games would do something if you quit games early, but I the last time I played Madden was ’93 on the Genesis, so I don’t know what they do exactly.

    Also, Tribes: Ascend gives you bonus XP for completing a match.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s just an artifact of taking a screenshot with a camera. You can’t access Live with older versions of the dashboard, it forces you to update.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes players have saved pictures of their messages from long before they found this website. Actually from before it even existed, now that I think about it. But then they find FUoS and send in their collection!

  • Anonymous

    Oh believe me, the original title I had for this was just “Headshot!” but I found a different angle. ;)

  • Etchainer Bethune

    Ah, yes! I forgot about that achievement. Good times.

    Also, I like the idea of providing a small benefit to players completing games consistently… That’s a good incentive. :)

  • Nikoru George

    I do not condone SHREDDERULZ comment, but the player shouldn’t have sent the frowny face. Let sleeping dogs lie. Just have a good laugh about it and keep it moving. It’s some random weird dude on XBL. There will be more people to play against on XBL.

  • Anonymous

    He’s right though, blonds aren’t good for much and should be listed for extinction

  • Jiro Minier

    BBC brought me here, found myself reading through all this with a raised eyebrow (being a male gamer and member of various internet communities in which women not only participate, but actively lead and contribute). Looking at this particular case, I couldn’t help but notice: surely you’re pretty good at ramming bullets through his head, given the context in which that message was sent? Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    My brain went there as well.  I suppose SHREDDERULZ confused head shot skills and oral skills.

  • Alex Camargo

    Lmao She did it to piss him off XD

  • Alex Camargo

    You clearly aren’t a real gamer if you cant accept defeat :-/ Just stick around and get shot like a real man!

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