Actions vs. Words

Our submitter kicked a betraying Halo Reach SWAT team member and their friend. This put the match as a 2v4 with her fiance, which the two won by 13 kills. Clearly this loss has affected HELLBOYY 97 enough to create some sort of friend request paradox.

“He decided to send us both multiple messages. He sent me one message referring to my boyfriend in which I did reply to correct him that he wasn’t my boyfriend but my fiance. He then continued to send me messages and multiple friend requests of which all were denied.”


  • Anonymous

    Ah, the ole’ “you don’t want to be my friend, so that makes you an ugly, fat girl, and I hate you!..  Please be my friend now?”

  • Joe McIntosh

    Nice to see that a class act such as HellBoyy97 is representing the MLG…

  • Anonymous

    haha what an idiot, I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND ANYWAYS *sends more friend requests*

  • manybellsdown

    Well one of them is getting laid tonight, and I’m pretty sure it’s not Hellboyy97.

  • Anonymous

    Geez, he’s going to tear the fabric of XBL!

  • Leslee Bottomley Beldotti

    “…u work at sum star wars place.”

    What on earth does that even MEAN?  Does he think that she works as a bartender at Chalmun’s Cantina on Tatooine?

  • Anonymous

    I can almost feel HELLBOYY’s conflicts. This is material for a standup comedian though.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Wait, where is this Star Wars place you speak of and where can I apply?

  • Kelli

    Yeah, well, this fat girl wouldn’t want to be friends with someone who has the grammar skills of a five year old! Have at thee, good sir!

  • James Sprenger

    The butt-hurt is strong with this one, and even then only in a metaphorical sense.

  • Krista Roscovius

    I would certainly like to work at Some Star Wars Place! 

  • Johanna Roberts

    …I’d work there. I’d work there in a heart beat. 

  • Daniel Helgesen

    i cant belive how fucking naive you girls are being. If you want to be treated equally DONT TELL THEM THAT YOUR A FUCKING GIRL. jesus, fucking attention whores

  • Anonymous

    why reply to people like these? just ignore/block and carry on with your life. wasting energy and time on these people must make it so much worse.

  • Anonymous

    how do their minds work? it’s like someone took ‘em apart and couldn’t figure out how to put the bits back together again.

  • Lucan

    A wild MEGADOUCHE appears… it’s non-effective!

  • wiwille

    The douche is strong with this one.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Yes, it’s obviously her fault that she used a microphone in game like a normal person. Girls need to hide their shameful girliness to avoid having insults thrown at her when she wins.

  • Nikoru George

    Oh sure, let’s totally ignore the douche bags that harass females online. It’s female’s fault because well… she’s a female. You may have accepted this behavior as the norm, but that does not make it any less disgusting than it is. If females hide their gender and males don’t; how in the hell is that equal? The females are hiding their gender because immature brats keep harassing them. If females cannot use the features of PSN/XBL freely without being harassed, IT IS NOT EQUALITY!!

  • Jon Shaker

    Wait a fucking minute…you want gender equality!? Women are NOT trying to be equal…they’re looking to be above men. Gender equality will never exist as long as women AND men seek to be unequal. Females are males are not equal. Thats nature for you. Deal wit it.

  • Anonymous


  • Gavin Bailey

    what planet you on?? if you want to play the “nature” card then get your facts right first. Genetically speaking, everyone start out as female, men only become men when the Y Male Chromosome is added to the X Female Chromosomes in the egg. Hence why females are X+X and males are X+Y. Men are half woman, half man.

    Its only the arrogance of men that makes them believe they are better than woman to hide their own inadequacies. Like we think its wrong to to be who we actually are a mix of man and woman.

    Its only society over years of arrogance that one gender is deemed stronger, better, superior or inferior when in fact we are all the same down to the genetic level. 

    End of the day, we are all the same pretty much, its only society that seems to think there is a difference. And just to made you feel better Jon, soon men wont even be needed to sow the seed to carry on the human race, it will always need the female egg though. Deal with that lol

  • Anonymous


  • horaiu radul

    actually you are kinda ugly
    cruel but true

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