I get it, you’re busy

No apologies necessary, DUMBdogy. Multi-tasking is hard!

“This guy was so worried about me and my sniping on Halo Reach that he ended up having a negative K/D at the end of the game. He sent me messages telling me that I suck at sniping and that snipers were noobs. (I’m sorry if 9 out of 11 kills that I made were headshots, I guess I do suck! haha ;)) The following msg was the most amusing one out of the group he sent to me.”


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  1. Rick Rowe says:

    This post is the purest essence of this website

  2. Your left hand doesn’t count as a “relationship,” DUMBdogy.

  3. I love that.  You’re getting owned by a “noob”, and this reflects badly on ME?

  4. wiwille says:

    This guy texts his girlfriend (boyfriend?) while he plays? I now believe in love again.

  5. Daniel B says:

    I love how so many players believe that sniping is a sign of LACK of skill rather than what it true is and that it is a sign of ultimate skill. Although snipers aren’t in the front line spraying bullets everywhere to hope for a kill, snipers like their kills with one bullet to the head. One shot one kill.

  6. Anonymous says:

    These always confuse me. If you’re playing the same game I am, wouldn’t that mean you were also fat and/or ugly? It always seemed weird to me to be practically calling someone a loser for participating in the exact same activity you are.

  7. I find it interesting that almost all of the guys that post these lewd comments and vile threats, seem to be utterly incapable of using proper sentence structure or even proper spelling for fairly common words.  I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the same kind of sad loser guys that never graduated highschool, and work at crappy job for minimum wage while living with their parents.  I mean honestly, if you are going to put all that effort into insulting someone at least use something better than the adult equivalent of “you are a poopy-faced doody head and I hate you”.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I imagine DUMBdogy was sobbing the whole time he was hunting the letters to compose this message.  And that makes me smile.

  9. lmao he just mad because he sucks! ill admit i suck at halo!

  10. Well at least he picked an appropriate gamertag; DUMBdogy indeed. Maybe his subconcious is trying to warn us, which would be hilarious and sad on so many levels.

  11. Well, if she sucks at sniping and snipers are noobs, then she sucks at being a noob. Hence, she isn’t a noob! …. What a nice compliment!

  12. Lucan says:

    Sniping in games is one of the most BASIC of skills in most FPS’s. It involves waiting in one place for an enemy to feck up by running into your sights (Most sniping games don’t even account for windspeed,distance,etc). You then pull the trigger at the right time. It takes a fully functional action game, takes out the action part and makes it a single button timed event. Rock Band takes more skill than this. If you’re proud of being a sniper, you’re proud of being the smartest kid in the special class. Yeah, all the other kids are running around waving their guns in the air, but at least they’re having fun and making the game interesting… to sum it up – Campers/Snipers are playing a simulation, everyone else is playing the game.

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree with essentially every assertion you make here.  This reminds me of the time I played Soul Calibur and my opponent cried foul when I used throws.  Ridiculous.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am DUMBdogy. I was in a match making game at the time so i didn’t type every thing out. I called the person that posted this fat and ugly because they were spamming me with msgs over xbox. I am right handed. I am in a relation ship with a girl not a dude. I was not sobbing either, because we were on the same team.  I never said sniping was for noobs, i said hiding in the back of the map with a sniper was noobish. The person that posted this was camped in the base by the sniper spawn the hole game. That is why i said they were a noob. I started insulting them because they wouldn’t leave me alone. I kind of find it funny that they left out most of the story. 

    • Anonymous says:

      “I called the person that posted this fat and ugly because they were spamming me with msgs over xbox.

      Being spammed with messages isn’t a reasonable excuse for your sexist vitriol.  There is no reasonable excuse for sexist vitriol.  I hope you remember this and carry yourself with honor in the future.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Im glad you believe in love again “wiwille”. ill admit that i suck at sniping but the sniper wasn’t for me, it was for some one in my party. I did pick my gamer tag for a reason, it was a nick name  that i had in freshmen year. I am stupid, i know this and I’m not that good at spelling either. but i don’t care. you can read it and thats all that matters.  i only made this account to set things strait.  SEMPER FIDELIS  

    • skeahtacular says:

      See, I’m totally seeing your side of the story on this one. In the group I play with, we’d definitely betray her to get the sniper for our friend who can actually use it instead of hiding in the back wasting the sniper all game. Or we’d just harass them until they quit. Sure you made a bad comment, but I’d be pissed at her at that point too.

  15. Aluminum Foil says:

    In such a strong relationshi…ship, that he can’t quit his halo game for 15 minuets?

  16. So OP what was the point in tell us that 9/11 kills were headshots? 

  17. skeahtacular says:

    To be fair, if you only got 11 kills with the sniper in a whole match, he had every right to be mad at you. Most people would have just teamkilled you and taken the sniper to get their 20 kills at that point.

  18. Alex Camargo says:

    Excuses Excuses 

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