Good Morning

The best part of waking up is new messages from s0uLa5sa5sin!

“This was a message I woke up to the other morning, Battlefield 3 on the PC.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What hot? I don’t have a hot!!!

  2. Michael Fry says:

    The only thing that disturbs me here is his license plate name. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong with telling him the size, and then perhaps immediately blocking him?

    • Anonymous says:

      so like… shun him but encourage him at the same time? heh. i’m pretty sure that’s a magic spell for turning a standard creeper into pepe le pew.

    •  Please tell me you aren’t the slightest bit serious. I am begging you.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was indeed not serious.
        But hey, if I was a girl, I would put at least something, depending on my mood… You could insult him, or put something that makes you giggle. (Of course nothing sexual that would encourage him)
        And then you just block him.

        •  Thank you ^^ Sorry, oftentimes it’s actually hard to tell if someone is being serious or not. Sadly, there are people here who post ridiculous shit (see the idiot below for an example).

    • Well, that could be seen as a positive reaction in a delusional person. Granted a delusional person might take no reaction as a invitation to harass you some more, but in general it’s probably better to just screenshoot the message, report it and then possibly send it over to FUoS.

  4. Inb4 the guy has played nothing but recon, has a k/d of 0.0005, maximum 2000 points gained, and a 420 reference hidden somewhere in his profile.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There’s a person on Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) that had an obsession with breasts as well – first they’d ask about the size, and then the next set of questions became increasingly out of left field. Maybe they’re related…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have you been living under a rock? Did you just recently discover the internet? Let me tell you a secret if you really DO have problems with getting harassed just mute, -ignore, block everybody and if it’s REALLY that bad just FUCKING TURN OFF YOUR GOD DAMN SCREEN, YOU ARE ON THE FUCKING COMPUTER THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hoestsiroop, I take from your comment that you think that nobody should get upset by words the hear or read on the internet.

      Why then, would you feel the need to get upset and post because of words on the internet?  I wonder if you see the contradiction between your actions and your professed views?

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah, you beat me to the irony spotlight!

        @Hoestsiroop:disqus : Haha, you’re a goddamned moron.

        • Anonymous says:

          I really do want to know the answer to the question.  Maybe here, in a relatively calm environment we could have a discussion.

          How do you get his user name to be highlighted as a link like that?

          • Anonymous says:

            Use @, then start typing the name o’ th’ person you want tagged.  A dropbox should appear.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hoestsiroop, it’s not about being offended.  Read the ‘about’ section of this page.  The blog is making fun of the people who leave these kind of messages, so chillax.

    Anyway, I usually give an exaggerated size (J or N) then I would describe myself as 345 lbs and send a fake picture fitting the description to the person.  Then I ask if they want to meet up in real life.  That usually shuts them down quick and I get a sick sense of satisfaction of messing with their heads. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Lmao, that’s brilliant. Taking the matter into your own hands and mindfucking the guy.


    Oh god, that hurt my brain :(  Sorry – I couldn’t resist.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok being a guy gamer and seeing more and more female gamers coming onto the scene I have to say this. I think it is a breath of fresh air to have more and more gamers out there to play with. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female, black, white, blue, or whatever.  We are gamers people we should unite against things that are far more important than badgering each other over a game.  Like I said its just a game.  You have to love the internet tough guys that bully people that they see as weaker than they are.  I will admit when i play and have a bad game i get upset but I never take it out on my fellow gamers.  I just take a deep breath and move on.  If only we could all be this way the gaming world would be such a better place.  Love the site and keep up the great work guys :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    Alright I agree that I was a bit childish and didn’t bring over my point in a good way. What I was trying to say is: all this crying on this site is pathetic. Whenever somebody sends you a slightly offensive message (like the bf3 message) you go  here crying on this site. You don’t even try to solve the problem, you just go on here and cry about all gamers being sexist pigs.

    Isn’t it ironic how this is actually stereotyping? Isn’t that the exact thing you are against?

    What I was trying to say with my post earlier: take a step back and realise you are over exaggerating.

    • What’s your evidence we “don’t even try to solve the problem”? What are we not doing that you’d like to see us doing?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well you show me some evidence about you trying to solve the problem then, because all I’ve seen so far are people making fun and/or bitching about the obviously frustrated 12 year old. It’s like you’re laughing at a retard for being dumb.

        No really, joking aside I’d really like to believe you guys do something more than this, like you’re actively trying to better the situation.

  11. Anonymous says:

    @OgreJehosephatt:disqus @facebook-689508752:disqus @tensorproduct:disqus 

    Well I think you misunderstood my post, I wasn’t mad at all, I just like to use caps to bring over my point. 
    Anyways you still haven’t explained why you guys have to go on these kind of gay sites circlejerking about how naughty that little 12 year old was. Just pathetic if you ask me.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well, you’re just making a whole mess of assumptions.

    First, nobody is crying.  Seriously, look at the tone of the post surrounding the message in question.  The submitter is strictly factual and FUoS maintains the delightfully upbeat note of this whole site.  There is plenty of space between “I do not like this” and “I am emotionally devastated by it”.

    Second, nobody has said that all gamers are sexist pigs.  The very existence of this site disproves that assertion.  This site is made by and for gamers.  They haven’t said that all male gamers are sexist either.  AFAIK, at least one of the site’s administrators is a dude.

    Third, you’re assuming that this message was sent by a 12 year old.  There’s nothing to back that up at all.  Misogyny comes from men (and women) of all ages, and gamers come in all ages as well.

    Fourth, you assume that nothing else was done.  For all we know the message was reported to community admins (I don’t know anything about the BF3 network, so I don’t know if they support that sort of thing).  Further, the existence of this site may encourage women to come forward with stories of their own (and to report as appropriate) and encourage men not to do this sort of thing, and not to tolerate it when they encounter it.

    Finally, you assume that I didn’t understand the point of your post.  Oh, I understood it.  I just disagree.  Strongly.

    So, I ask again.  If you don’t think that people should be upset my messages on the internet, why would you care at all about this site.  Why would you take the time out of your day to post here and to insult the people involved?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Alright here’s where I’m different to you guys. I had some fun acting like a retard, spewing some bullshit and watch some of you get mad. Now that I get called out on my bullshit I realise it’s time to move on (read: I’m not going to post this on a feminist site asking for backup after getting flamed for being annoying/retarded/a noob). See you guys, have fun being frustrated fat ugly slutty women.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, I think you’re feelings are hurt because no one invites you to a circlejerk.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Stay classy.
    I’m not sure why I expected anything different… maybe I am a noob.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A quick comment about the feedback system on this site. Do we really have to dim the unpopular comments?
    Issue#1: It gives the reader a certain impression of the comment BEFORE they even have a chance to read it and to form an impression themselves.
    Issue#2: A dimmed message actually stands out from the rest, and likely makes the reader MORE interested in it.

    • It’s not unpopular comments as such. It’s more a flag we set on specific commenters that we think remove value from the conversation. We entirely would like to give you a certain impression of the comment.

      • Anonymous says:

        …before a comment’s even presented to you? Not everyone appreciates this kind of “parenting”, especially if they’re adults :P

        • Then, in my view, those people are welcome to not participate in the comments.

          • No, I actually like the dimming. I go to a lot of sites where I’ve had to train myself to not scroll down to the comments because there are so many nasty commenters that mix cruel negativity for nagativity’s sake and terrible spelling. Many times those comments can get me down because they’re so nasty. On FUoS, it’s nice to be able to ignore the overtly nasty comments and still read the good ones.

          • Anonymous says:

            Eh? You’re a staff here? Well, then, I’ll see myself out in just a moment…
            Because I’m interested in promoting critical thinking, I’d like to say this: A conclusion derived by the reader themselves is more meaningful than one that’s simply fed to them. For someone who values independent thinking, seeing a dimmed message before they even see its content is akin to seeing reviews of a movie before they have a chance to watch it. Frankly I think there needs to be a “spoiler” tag for the fact that it’s dimmed ._. because some people prefer to make their own decisions on what to filter, to having that decision made for them; even if in the end both decisions coincide. And yes, I realize this is entirely a first world problem. :)

          • You’re free to opt-out. Get an addon for your browser like Stylish. Then you’ll just need to override the style for “.fuos-troll .dsq-comment-text” to have whatever color you would like.

            It’s a bit of work, I know. But if it’s so important to you, the option’s there.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t consider it parenting.  I think of it more like a smoking section in a restaurant.  The comments are still there if you want to read them (I do).  I do like that it “other’s” them.  And FUoS uses it pretty sparingly.  There was only one person I saw that didn’t seem to deserve it, but there was apparently history with that person which I wasn’t privy to.

          I think you have a point with your first issue, where you feel that readers will have a bias when reading the faded comments.  In this case, I think the reasonableness level of the people who frequent FUoS is high enough that they can come to their own conclusions about what the faded person said.
          As long as they assign the troll status to the folks that deserve it, I’m not too worried about the bias it could generate towards the troll-marked.

          I think part of what I like about it is that it’s comforting to see trolls have their power symbolically stripped from them.  It feels like justice is done.  And, as JPS says, seeing the negative stuff mixed in with the good comments is a downer to some folks, so cleaning things up is appreciated.  I think the benefits of fading out the comments of trolls outweighs the downsides.

          @inklesspen:disqus : Damn, dude, that’s cold! Haha.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I like that FUoS dim the trolls.  I dunno, it’s like it puts them on the other side of a glass wall.  I don’t know why I like it, because it seems just like semantics, but I do.

  17. John R says:

    they are huge complete stranger over the internet, my breasts have crushed cars and smaller tanks when i roll out of bed, whats more you will never touch or even see them. have a nice weekend furtively masturbating in you’re bedroom good sir, BLOCKED.

  18. MW says:

    I just “LOVE” the fact that basically, Hoestsiroop’s entire justification was something along the lines of “playing devil’s advocate”, and yet, nowhere in his commentary does it also suggest that his stance isn’t in reality his ACTUAL attitude. 

    So, he’s “playing” a douchebag, to rile up other people and see what other types of responses he’ll get.  Isn’t that actually BEING A DOUCHEBAG?! 

    But I guess I’m supposed to be offended, since apparently I’m a “fat ugly slutty” woman.  *looks down at self* Oh wait– I’m male?!  Holy shit!  And I’m actually looking at this website and feeling offended by my own half of the species.  How novel is that? *rolls eyes*

    Christ.  Hoestsiroop, get a goddamn life, if this is all you can do, apparently trolling FUoS (I just know you’re coming back to read this — prove me wrong, pal, prove me wrong) and putting down people with your awesome logic.

    • @MW:twitter , it’s also a case of gaslighting: saying something offensive to get a reaction and then accusing anyone who is offended or annoyed of “not understanding the joke” in order to turn the responsiblity of the situation on the people who call him out on his words. Funnily enough, that’s one of the tactics of choice by schoolyard bullies and so many of the submissions found on this site.

      • MW says:

         Thank you.  It’s like kids telling me “Why so serious?” as a defense against stupid stuff they say that they supposedly think is actually funny.  Really?  Will you ever learn? 

        But you’re right: I’d forgotten a comment you’d made before, about doing one’s best to ignore these sorts of things in comments and forums — it’s pretty much useless to argue with people who obviously just won’t change, because, sadly, they’re so set in their ways, whether it be their general mentality, or their need to start shit like this.

  19. Iggy says:

    @JustPlainSomething:twitter : Yeah, I just had an exchange about racism the other day on Live about this. White male player said something racist about Korean* eating habits and when I got all offended, his response was to say “But it was just a joke, I was just teasing you.”

    *I should note I am a person of colour, and he damn well knows this

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