Metric Sounds Better

We’re still recovering from PAX East and we’ll say a bit more about it when we get the N00dz or GTFO! panel video posted online. It was an amazing weekend, of course; at this point we expect nothing less.

STUKA GOLL 6 requires precision to entice our submitter. (click for big)


  • Anonymous

    (click for big) I see what you did there

  • Doktor Wilhelm

    “Metric Sounds Better”? Oddly enough I prefer Brie Larson’s voice on the Scott Pilgrim (‘clash at demonhead’) version of Black Sheep…

  • Anonymous

    I had a different interpretation of those “|”s, but I like yours better…

  • Anonymous

    such disrespect…


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  • Anonymous
  • JustPlainSomething

    Well, sure! Let me just — HEYYYYY, who’s “WE”?

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