The Direct Approach

Direzz gets right to it.


Which actually syncs up well with his current bio.

Direzz - Bio

  • Heidi Kojima


  • Anonymous

    Soooo… he believes he can? So, he doesn’t know for sure…? Or is it in the same context as the “You believe you can fly?” statement? Because you need the help of a specialized device to fly. Does he need help as well? 

    Poor guy…

  • popculturemulcher

    My bravado usually won’t let me back down from a challenge, so I enthusiastically reply yes to these kind of things, followed by a shower of messages asking when and where we are going to bump uglies, if I’m supposed to bring the fifty five gallon drum of lube, if it’s okay for me to wear my squirrel suit, if they see this relationship going anywhere beyond sex, what My Little Pony name do they want the safe word to be, etc.

    Most people don’t reply. I’m beginning to think Xbox Live is a non-starter to finding the perfect partner. :(

  • Etchainer Bethune

    March 23rd, 2015, at the CN Tower in Toronto, in a utility closet. Lube will be stached ahead of time. Suits ok, prefer exotic mammels. Possible long term potential — I’ll talk to my wife. Fluttershy for stop, Celestia for harder. Friends welcome, see you there.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Who wants to take bets that Jason is actually just R Kelly?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know, didn’t say anything about pissing on 15 year olds. But, then again, he could have learned his lesson.

  • Iggy

    @popculturemulcher:disqus – I’m dying here. Of laughter.

  • Joanna

    I like the way they think they can have sex through the internet.

  • Krista Roscovius

    I sure hope this idiot has been reported. 

  • Daniel B

    You mean you can’t? How else do you do it then? Answer that one! :-P

  • Johanna Roberts

    Well, at least he gets right down to it.  I’ll give him that.

  • Jeff Wagner

    I feel ashamed that this moron shares the same XBL profile picture as me.

  • David Kennedy

    Aww man, this guy lives in my state? 
    You make us look bad Arizona guy :(

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