Our first XBL phone submission! I suppose our submitter was indeed on the move when they got this message from EGoW PAINTBALL.


“I responded with, ‘Thanks for the tip, I’ll make sure to do that the next time I’m beating you. xoxox’ He didn’t take it well. His second message is gone, though, because I used it to block him. (Why does Microsoft do that? I want to block someone AND I want to keep their message. Is that so unusual?)”

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s funny how they bad ass they are after the fact. Kind of makes you wonder if it’s denial or delusion…?

  • Spirit Of Truth Scout

    He took the time to spell out “bitch” and “cunt”, but couldn’t spare any to spell out “the fuck”?

  • みだらな ミストレス

    Pretty funny how many sore losers are out there.

    Got to remember, though, that most of the people that play on these first person shooters aren’t even half-way done through school yet.

    Either way, they all seem to be delusional.

  • Anonymous

    Haha! I love this.  His butt-hurt chest-thumping is like a lullaby.

  • Anonymous

    I definitely think its delusion.  The egos of people like EGoW PAINTBALL is so fragile that their psyche has to reshape their world to protect it.

  • Anonymous

    Wise words have been spoken about people who complain about camping.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me 7 or 8 more times, you’re a dirty camper!!

  • Anonymous

    @muetank more like, fool me once and your a dirty camper.

  • Anonymous

    @oj well you could easily make an argument about the preception of reality. Kind of wish we could get a little more insight, ya know…

  • popculturemulcher

    Fool you seven or eight more times and you’re a total moron, apparently. The easiest person to find is one who is in the exact same spot every time.

  • popculturemulcher

    I always get these kinds of messages when I’m playing an objective-based game, and the failure of logic on the part of the sender makes me feel sad about our public education system. 

    If half (or even more of) my team is going for the flag, trying to plant the bomb, or doing something else offensive, then I need to play defense. I’m not going to just wander away or hang around the flag unawares, randomly start blowing my nose on it, you know? Get in a corner or up on a roof and shoot anyone that comes near my defense point. It’s… the point of the entire game.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s crazy, and the concept is captured well in this Penny Arcade comic. 

  • Craig

    I just think most of these fools just can’t accept being beaten by women, I think it’s awesome more girls are playing personally.

    Unfortunately there’s a lot of douches out there, I get a lot of verbal attacks from Americans ‘cos I’m British, it doesn’t hurt my feelings in the slightest, just gets a little tiresome listening to really bad impressions of British accents constantly with their douchey stooge friends all laughing.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, that must be obnoxious.

  • Alex Camargo


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