PAX East 2012 Panel Details

One month from today, where will you be? If you answered “PAX East“, then we hope to see you there! gtz will be on a panel about harassment in gaming with some amazing women, and it would be great if you could join us!

N00dz or GTFO! Harassment in Online Gaming

Arachnid Theatre

Saturday 2:30pm – 3:30pm

Warning: NSFW! Let’s be honest for a minute; harassment from gamers is woefully common, often creepy, generally stupid, and sometimes so absurd that it’s funny in a morbid oh-god-is-this-what-humanity-has-come-to sort of way. Maybe it’s because they sent you a message about their assuredly impressive “dingaling” or your “big gonglerz.” Maybe it’s the fact that most of the message looks like it was typed with a foot. Maybe it’s that you only got the message after that sweet headshot. Join us as we take a look at harassment in gaming and the reactions to it, and feel free to join the discussion on how best to approach the problem.
Panelists include:

This seems like a good time to mention our Facebook page and Twitter account again. Honestly, between those two and the blog comments on the posts, you folks are WAY funnier than the posts written here. So far we mostly just notify the feeds when there’s a new blog post, and we don’t want to spam, but some of the comments from others are pretty great. We can probably tweet out a few funny ones sometimes, but I recommend you check out the FB page, watch our Twitter replies and read the blog comments for more hilarity and discussion. Special thanks to one of our FB readers who posted this to our wall just yesterday:


Maybe now I just see innuendo in everything, but I’m kind of taken aback at how well it fits with both our panel title and Penny Arcade “Expo.” See you at PAX East!!

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  1. garret pederson says:

    first of all there’s a clear issue with the naming of your site, should have been just plain fat and ugly wishing i could be a slut since we all know none of the women on here get any cock and are all fat, ugly, dykes. and yep that’s my message i sent that. I like how she doesn’t mention her repeated begging for me to stalk her on fb and twitter (hence the exhibitionist and i don’t wanna stalk anybody comment.) or put the full
    conversation up and leaves out the ones that showed off the retarded cunt’s straight up dumbness like how she didn’t even know the name of this
    site (called it which she told me she was gonna put this on and then I correct her,
    tell her what this site is actually called and she came back with
    calling me retarded and telling me what the site is called after I
    corrected her. Dumb bitch don’t act like u know shit after i tell you what’s what, i dont give a fuck what u do but dont be wrong when u say it, so sick of gaming with retards that just think. Just “think for one mutha fuckin second.” I like how women cant handle a few jokes on a game and
    over the Internet and take it so personally they create a website to
    post what people say to them. Have a laugh bitches. Ur all fat and
    ugly anyway, I’m sure that’s why I never got that pussy pic. Am I right
    or am I right?? Thought so I’m right. U Xbox women just need to know
    that the only reason you’re there is for my entertainment sexually, socially,
    and whatever reason I decide, so when I throw a sexual joke at u how bout
    u don’t think you’re some high and mighty sexy bad-ass bitch trying to prove
    something to the world about XBL and dish a sexy joke right back at me that’s
    ten times dirtier and play along. Like this one chick I was like “show
    me ur tits .” and she sends me “(.)(.).” See that chick was cool she
    went along with it and it was funny. If u dont want something sexual said to you don’t make your gamer tag OhMai itsPink.Retarded fat cunt u know you’re asking for it so how bout next time u do what u know u really want to, snap a pic of your ugly ass self and send it to me to fuel your exhibitionism. But comment keep making me
    famous!…how bout u even mention my gt at PAX East (whatever the fuck that gayness is u nerds are into). While I’m sure I’ll be the last post on this bullshit site (except the admins) that
    nobody even gives a fuck about for about the next week or so. And I bet
    not one female that posts the XBL messages on here or that made this
    site would show a pic of themselves because they know that they really
    are fat, ugly, dykes and wishing they were sexy sluts… And everybody else knows it too, hence the
    stereotype. btw i give that ten year old (mw3 666) props u tell dem hoes whats what, way to learn the game young bro. later fat ugly gamer bitches.

    • Thanks for stopping by and letting us know what you’re made of, garret. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Brian Mowell says:

      Ok, this made me laugh. Diagnosis – Mommy issues with a side of Illiterate. :) 

      • garret pederson says:

        where’s the illiteracy?? this is the only part that got fucked up, “so sick of gaming with retards that just think. Just “think for one mutha fuckin second.”    should’ve said that “don’t think.” and what?, the u’s instead of you’s i wrote that on an ipod touch bro. so tell me bro where’s the illiteracy?

    • You mad bro?  How about showing those messages where she begged you to stalk her….but I bet you deleted them…right? You’re sad and hilariously ignorant at the same time. Bless your little man’s heart. 

      • garret pederson says:

        she repeatedly asked me to stalk her on twitter in the game lobby and i still have 2 voice messages asking me to. im not sad and ur clearly ignorant posting about something you dont know anything about saying ive deleted them and making it sound like it didnt happen…youre the ignorant one because youre uneducated about the situation. Any other retards want to say something stupid on this site???

        • It’s even more adorable that you’re hypocritical. Spouting off non-sense like a child and having absolutely no proof other than the claims of ‘i’m right and ur wrong’.  I’m uneducated about the situation? It appears as though your situation is posted in full view on this website. Is it not? Or are you saying right now that you’re lying about ‘the truth’ you’ve spouted off prior to the comment I’ve made? Think before you type sugar. Not much else to it, is there? 

          I’m curious as to why anyone would want YOU to stalk them. What makes YOU so dang special? Your grammatical abilities or keen wit? You’re just some sad little man who didn’t get some low self esteemed female to tell you how delightful your penis is after you sent it to them. 

          Take more mirror reflective Facebook shots there champ. 

          • garret pederson says:

            Hypocritical? How so? You are uneducated about the situation because you didn’t hear her ask me to view her twitter multiple times in the game lobby and you didn’t hear the messages she sent me or read the the other unposted messages i sent to her.  So no it is not posted in full view on this site. JUST ONE of my messages is posted on the site that’s it, therefore, you are uneducated about the full situation. So sugar, (i bet you do taste sweet, don’t you?) there clearly is more to it.

            As for your second paragraph goes, i really don’t know why anybody would want me to stalk them but she clearly did since she asked me to stalk her twitter. Those are questions you should ask her, not me. As for the penis comment, how would you know, are you the low self esteemed female wanting to see my cock?? It sounds like it since you seem to know what my penis looks like, however i can assure you if you had seen it you would have been delighted…don’t believe me, go ahead tell me your email or number and i would have no problem proving it to you. I have nothing to hide and have been told multiple times that i actually have a very nice penis. thank you.
            I will take more mirror pics and continue looking like a champ in them. I like how you took the time to find somebody you don’t even know on facebook though, your concern over this amuses me.

        • “Any other retards want to say something stupid on this site???”

          No no, you’re saying enough stupid things to go around.

          • garret pederson says:

             So by responding you’ve just called yourself retarded but you don’t want to say anything stupid. Good you’re halfway there, at least you don’t want to sound stupid. I have to admit you didn’t sound stupid either and you did it with a little humor. I like that. As far as the other half goes, I’m sorry there isn’t a cure for retardation.

          • Aaaand that’s enough out of you. Get out and don’t come back.

          •  Hug, Jon.

            I love this site and I love the admins.

    • wiwille says:

      My god you’re a horrible human being.

  2. You mad bro? This is Pink :)
     I in fact did direct you to my twitter account to clear up any questions you had towards my genetics or how I comport myself in public. However after reading your more than charming post (suggestion: stay in school) I realize now it fell on deaf ears.
    Should I also post the other 7 messages you sent me?  Two words: Anger Management.  As for you being famous, um nope. You are infamous,  for something your mother would not be proud of.
    As gracefully stated above, don’t let the door ….

    • Brian Mowell says:

      I second the motion of “You Mad Bro?”

      Motion Carried – He is Mad

    • wiwille says:

      Yes, yes you most certainly should post the other 7.

    • garret pederson says:

      No hoe, not mad at all just simply stating what’s what, there is no argument here, I’m right you’re wrong ‘nough said and I’ll prove it to u right now. Get ready to read pure mother fuckin genius bitch. First of all it clearly did not fall on deaf ears about u telling me to check out your twitter since I said, “her repeated begging for me to stalk her fb and twitter,” and the i don’t wanna stalk anybody comments which are clearly stated above in my first post which u apparently can’t read or just aren’t smart enough to understand (suggestion go back to fucking school and get smart so I don’t have to talk to a literal retard). Btw you never told me you twitter account anyway so how could I have looked at it? So I heard you just fine dumb bitch and yet again u ask me to view your twitter and since it’s been multiple times now “begging” me to check out your twitter. And btw you’re talking to someone that graduated with a 3.987 GPA so “stay in school”??, pretty sure I straight fucking raped going to school. Also since I finally gave into your “begging” to view your twitter as far as genetics go, ya you’re not completely fuck ugly like most would think but are also not hot and you’re right about ONE thing you are definitely not an Avon lady. Ha. As far as posting the other FIVE since u posted ONE already making a TOTAL of SIX (since you can’t read, now can’t count either I should do the math for you then maybe you’ll understand, JUST MAYBE, ONE already posted message+FIVE unposted messages= SIX total messages. And now hopefully I’ve taught you simple math) again above stated I said, “I don’t give a fuck what you do but don’t be wrong when you say it,” which you’ve done AGAIN! Oh and make sure you have them posted on the correct website ha. So once again I’m sick of talking to retarded cunts online, THINK FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND before you talk. So now basically proven everything you just said wrong. As far as anger management goes I’m chill as fuck, not mad at all and actually laughing a little bit at the retardation of people like you, just stating FACTS that may be rude to you making you think I’m mad when in reality you should be mad at yourself right now for sounding so stupid and that all the people that were going make fun of me will see how incredibly stupid you’ve just made yourself look. Now the SECOND (remember you can’t count, first was you’re not an Avon lady) thing I’ll agree with you on being right about is that ya sure my mom probably wouldn’t be proud of what I said but at least she’ll know I was RIGHT. Right?? As for not letting the door hit me on the way out, it didn’t, I turned the fuck around slammed that shit right back in your dumb cunt face. How does it feel to have everything you said be shut the fuck down on YOUR OWN post in the site YOUR part of?? I don’t give a fuck what people say about the message I sent you on xbox live just next time please for me, so I don’t have to read pure stupidity, and for your own sake THINK before you type. And no bitch when i when i said make me famous, i didnt mean infamous, i meant famous, infamous would imply its for a negative reason or bad reputation but thats a matter of perspective, i see fame, you see infamy…oh more post bring on the fuckin fame! Now that you’ve read pure genius and facts and have been straight up shut down and been told what’s what have a nice fucking day you retarded ugly bitch. hope I’ll get another opportunity to smack the fuck out of you again on MW3. ;)

  3. HAHAHAHAHHA. And my friends wonder why i havent been playing multiplayer games lately!! such bullshit. 

  4. Just for fun, lets put a face to his incognito rants shall we :) Here is the adorable little nugget.

    • garret pederson says:

       Incognito rants? How is any of what I’ve said been “incognito”. My Gamer tag is clearly visible, iRUSH PLANT B, and my first and last name are right above my posts, Garret Pederson. So none of this is “incognito” my identity isn’t concealed and that’s my real name so its not disguised either. Thanks for sounding stupid yet again. Also, thank you for calling me adorable but there isn’t anything little about my nuggets.

  5. Oh and let me show you how bullet points work. Since you clearly have no idea…

    1] You made at least 7 different points in the ‘First’ section of your little rant. In the middle which addressed her being an Avon Lady and your infinite knowledge of her not being one by stating an opinion. Not a fact. 

    2] You addressed your ‘First’ like that whole entire statement was about her not being an Avon Lady. Which is a lie. Please refer to my first bullet point as to the proof on that. 

    3] ‘Raping’ school with a 3.9 grade point average and using the English language like you is EXTREMELY unlikely. I’d love to see the ‘proof’ on that. 

    4] The more childish names you use clearly falls under the exact opposite of being ‘calm’ about being this whole thing. It’s like a child who thinks they throw the loudest tantrum will win…except for the fact that you still remain a child and all you end up doing is showing just how uneducated you are.

    5] Nothing stated in your last post was a FACT. If it was, you’d have proof. No, everything you stated was an OPINION. I believe that someone with such a ‘high grade point average’ would gather the difference between the two. 

    6] I’d love to know who being posted on this site has made you ‘more famous’ as it appears that not a single person here supports anything you’ve said. Again, here is a chance to lay on the proof. 

    7] laced throughout both of your posts. Apparently, the use of apostrophes, periods, and segues escape you….again..that ‘awesome’ 3.9 at work. Obviously. It’s adorable that you’ve blamed a machine for your mistakes. You can type out perspective but short hand ‘ur’….oh, I get’re lazy. 

    8] Just become someone doesn’t laugh at your disgusting immaturity doesn’t make them a ‘cunt face’. Just means whatever you’re spouting out isn’t as hilarious as you think it is. Get over yourself, son. 

    9] The fact that you don’t know what kind of people attend Pax East (like the creators of the games you play) is laughable. Like you’re some bad ass that is a ‘closet gamer’ who doesn’t know anything more about a game other than how to push buttons. 

    10] I know, FOR A FACT,  you’re going to respond to this with some sort of roundabout half-assed, grammatically incorrect, fact-less and name calling post because you are EXACTLY that kind of person. 

    Perhaps, it’s time you go back to school and speak to your mother about manners. There is a reason why you’re single and asking for ‘pussy’ shots on Xbox. Some might wonder why that is because you’re going to become ‘so famous’ from this…

  6. Oh, this whole thing is so appropriate for International Women’s Day.

  7. Kylie says:

    Damn that was a long wall of mad.

  8. garret pederson says:

    First off those aren’t even bullet points, they’re numbers. i know how BULLET POINTS work and had i had any intention on using them i would have, instead i just used commas to separate thoughts and points. Thanks for the tutorial on how to use NUMBERED lists though no matter how irrelevant it was.

    at #1] Yes, where I said she isn’t hot was an opinion but the FACT was that her username is “I’m no Avon Lady” so i used her own username as prove my opinion of her. Her opinion of her self is that she isn’t an Avon Lady and it is a fact that that is her own opinion of herself based on the username. Understand??? Do you see how i used her own opinion of herself and the fact that that is her opinion herself to make fun her looks???

    at #2] Not really sure what you mean by me addressing my “first”? What am i lying about? No you’re first point was wrong and didn’t prove anything as i have just proven above.

    at #3] Since you want proof tell me an email address or number and i can send you proof. Whats wrong with my usage of the English language, i know it wasn’t perfect, i didn’t go back and reread it then edit it. By the way there are a few errors in your typing as well and since you care so much there’s a button for you to go back and edit your posts.

    at #4] Yet again another person stating things that are incorrect you don’t know me, that could be me being calm, which it is and you know nothing about me because if you did, you would know i don’t give a fuck about anything and that literally nothing matters to me…things are as they are so i don’t care what she says or does, which i think I’ve already stated…more than once now. Also you know I’ve graduated so you know I’m educated, so why do you keep saying incorrect things. The more you write the dumber you keep making yourself sound.

    at #5] FACT:She was wrong about me being deaf. “First of all it clearly did not fall on deaf ears about u telling me to
    check out your twitter”
            PROOF: “since I said, “her repeated begging for me to
    stalk her fb and twitter,” and the i don’t wanna stalk anybody comments
    which are clearly stated above in my first post”
            FACT: I really did graduate with a 3.987 GPA. “And btw you’re talking to someone that graduated with a 3.987 GPA.”
           PROOF: My report cards which i would gladly show you
           FACT: She was wrong about the number of messages i sent her.
           PROOF: “As far as posting the other FIVE since u posted ONE already making a
    TOTAL of SIX (since you can’t read, now can’t count either I should do
    the math for you then maybe you’ll understand, JUST MAYBE, ONE already
    posted message+FIVE unposted messages= SIX total messages. And now
    hopefully I’ve taught you simple math)”
           FACTS: I don’t give a fuck about this and am not mad, she was incorrect about the website name, and was wrong again about something (this time the number of messages i sent, first was the site name)
           PROOFS: “I don’t give a fuck what you do but don’t be wrong when you say it,”
    which you’ve done AGAIN! Oh and make sure you have them posted on the
    correct website ha.

    There, I’m sorry you couldn’t pull the facts out of my writing or interpret the proof to my facts and that in reality, you’re the one that can’t distinguish the differences between the facts and opinions. Yes, there was a mix of facts and opinions but i used facts to justify my opinions.

    at #6] I said, “that’s a matter of perspective, i see fame, you see infamy”. You are making me more famous(here comes more proof) because: you are talking to me, about me, using my name, posting my messages, putting me up on a website i wasn’t on until now and finding my Facebook. So TO ME I SEE FAME, because i don’t take any of this negatively, YOU SEE INFAMY because you do take it negatively. You’re so biased and one sided you couldn’t even understand what i meant. So add to my FAME and post about me again!

    at #7] Yes, illiteracy is laced throughout my posts as it is also within yours. here’s one EXAMPLE: “What makes YOU so dang special? YOUR GRAMMATICAL ABILITIES OR KEEN WIT?” The caps locked part of your quoted post is a dependent clause because it doesn’t have a verb and you have it standing alone here. It’s also a statement with a question mark. i didn’t blame the the machine, i said it was the reason i didn’t use correct grammar or punctuation…hell yes i am too lazy while using an iPod touch at four in the morning to press three more buttons to add a apostrophe or comma especially since i can barely hit the buttons accurately to begin with. Also considering the amount i wrote with an iPod touch i think a little short hand was in order. You claim to be a smart woman, I’m sure you could figure out what i meant but maybe you’re just not as smart as you think after all.

    at #8] The point isn’t that I’m supposed to be funny to you but that you need to chill the fuck out, and maybe come back with a joke or insult at me to make me laugh. It’s for my entertainment and not yours. Also correction she not a cunt face, i should’ve probably said, “slammed it in the dumb cunt’s face” she isn’t a cunt face, just a dumb cunt that i slammed a metaphorical door in her face.

    at #9] No i know what it is, its obviously a gaming convention or festival type thing but you won’t see me attending that. Also i do know who attends, nerds, like i said. Their site even says “nerdcore concerts”…like i said gayness! And yes i pretty much am a “closet gamer”, i don’t talk about Xbox off of Xbox (until now, but she brought it off Xbox not me) and i don’t wear Nintendo shirts or power button shirts. Without a headset and controller you would have no clue i played Xbox. All i know about games is the strategy to win and what to do on them.

    at #10] FOR A FACT, the entire statement of #10 is an opinion. NOT roundabout, NOT half-assed, A LITTLE grammatically incorrect, NOT fact-less and NO name calling (except gayness but that was from a previous post). So, FOR A FACT, #10 was incorrect. Way to be wrong again and proving my point for me. Thanks.

    For the record I’m not single and am in multiple open relationships with women that i get pussy from regularly, and i never asked for a pussy shot, i said i wanted to see her pretty pink pussy and that she knows she wants to snap a pic of herself and send it to me. So now that I’ve proven or can prove(since you need to see my report card still about my GPA) and redeemed myself with applying your same accusations (like illiteracy, which we both have examples of) about me on what you’ve said on 9 out of the 10 (would’ve went 10 for 10 but #2 didn’t make sense to me) things you had to say incorrect. Also, by the way, all the things i just proved wrong, most i took parts from my previously posted comments copied and pasted sections and puts quotations around them, it was all there you just couldn’t comprehend my pure genius. Do you still feel the need to say anything and embarrass yourself further???

  9. I particularly love how he’s apparently a gamer, and yet has no idea what PAX is.

    I hope he’s been banned – we don’t need trolls clogging up the comments, here. No matter how pathetically amusing they may be.

    Actually related to the post: I’m attending GDC right now, and the other day my friend and I got to attend a meeting for the Women in Gaming Initiative. It was nice – it wasn’t really about girls who game and are getting flamed in multiplayer (although it was brought up), but mostly it was related to women in the gaming industry not getting treated the same way men are. Anyway, it was hugely interesting. I got to meet Brenda Brathwaite, who is a remarkable woman.

  10. LOL! This guy makes me laugh. LOVE YOU PINK!!!  I love nothing more than when guys have this simplistic thought that women should be “in the kitchen” well, the only reason they are there half the time is because you can’t help yourself to even make something as simple as a sandwich for yourself. Sorry to say that but it’s true. But, i’m sorry Garret you are wrong about everything you are saying. You have a simple one track mind and can’t admit when you are wrong and; until you learn how to admit being wrong you will never be right about anything.

    Other then that, who is excited for PAX?

  11. Anonymous says:

    While sending this into this site is all well and good, I hope you reported this guy.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Oh, Garret, don’t you see that we’re just trying to share your hilarious joke with the world because it’s so hilarious?  Why wouldn’t you want to share it with all strangers when you’re willing to share it with one?


    Also, a “3.987” GPA?  How many classes did you take?  The way I figure it, you would have to have gotten 76 A’s and 1 B.

  13. Man, I hope when an employer Googles Garret this thread shows up. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Voice of a generation, that – it’s like an amalgamation of every God’s-gift-to-women “bad guy” type from every bad movie ever, mixed with a healthy dose of the kids who run around breaking windows and slashing tires for “fun” on Fridays.  Sadly, I know dozens of people exactly like this…and in their minds, it makes sense.  Garret was seeking attention, and he got it – in his mind, he won.  Now off to bother someone else (or escalate the present botherings).

    Nothing you can say to these types will change their mind – by responding, in their mind, you acknowledge they raise valid points.  Ignoring them used to work, but it seems today the craving for attention leads to more desperate measures to get it.  Explains quite a bit about the world, really, although it’s best not to think about it too much.  Not particularly uplifting.

    OgreJehosephatt – Thank you for the one positive thing I got out of this.  It’s been nearly a decade since I played around with algebra, so I reverse-engineered your calculation and re-learned something today.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Cue the sending of Pink Panther pictures…

  16. L says:

    I just love how he constantly claims that he’s “not mad,” yet every post he makes just speaks of fury and how he’s so pissed off he’s even on this site. Also, he tries to qualify himself by saying he’s with multiple women right now.

  17. Jennifer Minter says:

    Perhaps it is my vindictive nature or my strong belief that behavior like this will not be corrected without punishment, but I am sorely tempted to send a transcript of this little larva’s rantings to his family members. Which happen to be oh so conveniently listed on his Facebook page. But then I would be assuming that the people related to this little troll actually would be ashamed of his behavior. I know if any of my kids were spouting such garbage at adults and I found out, my foot would be so far up their ass they would taste my toe nail polish. Oh the dilemma.

  18. Kathryn Fortunato says:

    Is it at all surprising that our boy Garret up there feels the need for posting keyboard vomit in hopes that we would somehow see their point of view? Sadly, dear child, you are merely delusional and disturbingly narcissistic. It’s time to seek help.

    By the way, if you need help flaming me, it would please you to know that I’m a trans woman, a lesbian, and a gamer, so please, consider yourself welcome to commence cyber stalking in hopes that I’ll find you somehow fearsome.

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