Don’t be shy, JakSpooz! If you truly want to sing your heart out, send a voice message!


  • Angie Croft Simpson

    LOL, I’ve got a few good ones i ought to submit!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see ‘em!

  • wiwille

    I for one would pay to see Fat, Ugly, or Slutty the musical!

    You are fat, so very fat, I’m an ass, no doubt about that.
    You’re a whore, such a whore, these nonsensical messages are never a bore.
    You look like pig, piggety pig, these words that I use, the English language don’t dig.

    I’m a jackass of the highest order.
    The words that I say I think I smolder
    the rest, who think they’re the best,
    and yet I’ve still haven’t seen a single breast.
    I’ve been picked on all my life.
    I will never get a wife.
    I’m a Xbox Live knuckle dragging mouth breathing slob!
    Why do these girls I insult think me a knob?

  • Aline Jossi

    The avatar fits perfectly too! LOL

  • Daniel Burrowes

    But but… how do they know :( lol

  • JustPlainSomething

    It’s a lot funnier if you read it as “Yooouuu areeee faaaart.” And yes, I did feel compelled to add punctuation.

  • DataShade

    my brain sang to me as if JakSpooz were Josh Groban.

    Everybody wants to be understood
    Well I can hear you
    Everybody wants to be loved
    Don’t give up

    youuuuu areeeeee faaaaaaaaatt

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