Little Darling

D’AWWWWW MW3 666 is trying so hard! Awww can we let him into the Cool Kids Club? Please you guys? Awww. :)

MW3 666 - 2

MW3 666 - 1

  • Anonymous

    I certainly hope you reported this moron. That way he has to explain to mommy and daddy why he was suddenly banned for life.

  • manybellsdown

     You know, when little kids learn bad words, they like to string them all together into an incomprehensible mishmash.  If he hadn’t said he was 10, it would have been pretty obvious.

  • Sean Mullen

    Man, check out his gamerscore, amazing!

  • Jeff Barentine

    As a gamer and a father, that would be a perma-ban from any system in my household until they move out. I do not let them play very long online or unsupervised. I catch any behavior like this and there are more severe consequences. A 10 year old. Seriously?! Parent fail.

  • Rachel East

    Amen to that!  I actually told one kid to put his mother on the headset… he actually did. I play with my daughter online and she knows what’s appropriate and what isn’t. 

  • Mischa Bilinski

    So wait, he calls her an “ass fucken dick sucker” Does that mean he thinks all women have penises? Because that is possible (that he thinks that) and hilarious (I’ve known a seemingly regular guy who thought this until about age 23-24)

  • Leslee Bottomley Beldotti

    It really drives me bonkers whenever I see talking heads in the news media blathering on about the effects of video game violence on children. I go even more bonkers when politicians take up this issue as an easy sell to their constituents. Excessive amounts of violent visual stimuli may indeed be affecting children, but I think a much BIGGER concern that no one seems to address is children’s BEHAVIOR with OTHERS while playing games.  We have rules about proper behavior in various social contexts in order for society to function properly, and we learn those rules at a very young age.  Yet for some reason, parents completely IGNORE how their children behave ONLINE, which leads to 10 years leaving text messages like the one above.

  • Bobnkaroonies

    In reply to Leslee: I have seen similar vomits of vileness coming from people in their 50s and 60s. Those people have no excuse like being victims of bad parenting. I think it has less to do with children and how they behave online and more to do with, well, anyone and how they behave on line.

  • Mister FourtyFour

    Well, at least he corrected himself. Even though I’ve never heard of FX2 before…

  • TK Amaterasu

    What a silly little prepubescent boy

  • Johanna Roberts

    …Is that second one even English? o.O

  • Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, that’s a 10 year old?!

  • Tunesha

    And this is why I beg parents not to buy their kids online video games…

  • Paige Garner

    OK yeah so my children are playing Mario. That’s it.

  • Andy Farrell

    I love the constant misspelling of “bitch”. I think “bicth” might be my new favourite word – it’s like “Bics” but with a lisp.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. And this is why my 9yo does not play online. If THOSE words ever came from him, he wouldn’t be able to sit down for a month. That kid needs a major lesson in respecting women, elders, fellow gamers, etc.  What a little shit.

  • Alex Camargo

    Geesh a 10 year old with a dirty mouth… Why am I not surprised? btw Sir it’s spelled b-i-t-c-h

  • Corom Denison

    “learn to play real games bicth”
    Says an Xbox gamer…

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