Hey we’re all heading over to the diamond with rubberduckten4! Should be a good game, see you there!


  • Anonymous

    …wow.  I can honestly say that’s a new one for me.  How exactly does one develop that curiosity – the first question was answered in the negative, and the response was delivered with the second?  Can I only kick balls if I don’t have cute feet?

  • Anonymous

    Nah, I think rubberduckten4 would be happy if the submitter met either requirement.

    How many foot fetishists have been featured on this site now?  Seem like it’s been more than a couple.

  • Joanna

    Wait…he likes being kicked in the balls???

  • Leonardo Cardoso

    LMAO, i never played xbox and my primary language isnt english (just excuses). I
    was thinking “why the hell those ppl always talk to the same person over and
    over even after so much hostility”. I seriously thought it was all about the
    same player, someone called REP…

  • Anonymous

    Seems so. Some people are into that.  They are true and true masochists.

  • Arlette has a tag for that: “hello have you met my fetish.”

  • Lora

    I knew a guy into femdom in high school. Poor guy had horrible self-esteem and was picked-on, probably bullied when he was younger as well. Internalized shame, man.

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