L’Amoureux, Part Deux

Hope your Valentine’s Day was lovely, KingGorrillaZoe!


  • Anonymous

    To a stranger, huh?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never understood these types of requests. Do they reall expect a positive response?

    “Why yes, complete stranger I’ve never met before and who randomly decided to message me, I will gladly show you the personal workings of my most private areas. Surely, nothing bad could come of doing so, surely”.

  • Mygaffer Nunya

    These have to be just the saddest types of people on the planet.

  • Anonymous


    I mean, it took me three weeks to mold a rubber kitten, and another two to install a watertight seal and a pressure-activated nozzle so I can pretend to pet her and secretly spray people at parties.  And now you want me to make a video of it, just for you?  That’s not the sort of thing I give away for free.  Does no one appreciate the effort I put into this?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/nozomi429 Nozomi


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