Our submitter encounted Back off NOW while playing Modern Warfare 3.

“This guy was cheating with a modded controller, so that his MK14 rifle was firing fully automatic. I sent him a message asking where he got his cheating controller. This was his classy response.”

Back off NOW

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to think most “mums” would at least want to have dinner first…

  • Anonymous

    A “your momma” joke. Classy. Next he’ll want to meet you by the flagpole at the playground after school.

  • JustPlainSomething

    “I told her to stop paying her gigolos with controllers! GAH!”

    Honestly, what the hell?

  • Claudia Nicole Borton

    How classy. Not only is he poor at general spelling and grammar, he’s also a poor sport. 

  • Anonymous

    How trite! …he laughed at his own joke.

  • Anonymous

    *#&%ing hackers/modders are ruining almost every match I’m in anymore…too bad XBL can’t block these guys at the hardware/software level, preventing them from ruining our fun.  It’s one thing to want to boost your own score, but it’s something else entirely to crash everyone else’s fun.

    With a gamertag like that, I wouldn’t have suspected him of getting close enough to anyone to be the infamous Mum Fingerer.

    Also…has “lol” become a form of punctuation?  As near as I can tell, it’s neither used to indicate something humourous, nor to indicate audible laughter.  I’ve come to read “lol” as “I’m an @$$,” and it really seems to make things clearer.

  • Cy

    In most instances, I’ve come to see “lol” as a Beevis-and-Butthead-esque “hurr hurr.”

  • wiwille

    So somehow this woman’s mother gives out modded controllers if you peform that act on her? My wife won’t even give me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup…

  • ben khoury

    are u fat tho?

  • Courtney Smith

    if you cant beat them join them

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