I like to think that Wickenheiser just gets other XBL players to perform their porn searches for them.


  • wiwille

    Asking a genuine question of the ladies on this site, if a guy sends you some stupid request such as this, are you tempted to find a picture of a hairy butt and send it to them? Has anyone actually done it?

    I guess not responding would be the best response, but I am curious.

  • Anonymous

    Lol! No, I can’t say I’ve ever done that. I have thought about doing something along those lines, though. Now, if this kind of nonsense occurs pre-game, I shut them up by shutting them out with my skills. If it occurs post-game…..well then I just create a whole website for it so everyone can join in on it’s joy! :)

  • http://www.justplainsomething.com JustPlainSomething

    You know, I was going to refuse, but that charming smile has won me over.

  • http://thearad.tumblr.com/ Arad

    My response to people asking for boobies is to send them pictures of blue-footed boobies. Same for tits, because tits are adorable. They look like fat finches with a mohawk.

  • Anonymous

    I always wonder at these requests, does ANYBODY ever answer yes? I can’t imagine that some women are sitting there awaiting these types of messages thinking “Oh god! I’ve had these pics of my breasts just waiting for some guy to ask!”.

    I’d also like to add, while I love the site, the name itself kind of makes it hard to really spread the message. These same asshats who need reported and placed here could possibly get me banned in turn if I even mention fatuglyorslutty.com(its that slutty part that ruins it) in something like a party chat or in a lobby online.

  • Anonymous

    I could be wrong, but I think a lot if not most XBL enforcers are aware of us. Regardless, I think the chances of you getting in trouble for something like that are slim. If you’re really worried, just refer to us as FUoS :)

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