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Any More Would be Uncivilized | Fat, Ugly or Slutty

Any More Would be Uncivilized

Throttle knows the boundaries of decency; nineteen times would be uncouth.

“I was minding my own business on XBL when I received messages about a 1v1 in Halo Reach. I said no after the first message, I didn’t reply to his other messages. He apparently did not appreciate that. (Notice the date change. I was not online on the 1st, yet he was still messaging me.)”

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893 Responses to Any More Would be Uncivilized

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow…just wow. That’s a true gentleman for you. Girls will be lining up to catch him.

  2. Marianne Ekren says:

    Echoing funkzillabot here; wow…just wow.

    How the hell can anyone think it is okay to behave like that? I sure hope she reported him.

  3. Sometimes, I like to write a really smug reply, send it, and then block them so they can’t message me again. I imagine the result is like griefer/troll blue balls. “Y U NO LET ME CAL U FAT HORE NO MORE?”

  4. What does Throttle hope to achieve by beating this person in a 1 vs. 1 match?

  5. Anonymous says:

    This guy DOES realize that people actually are sexually abused, right?  And that it’s not fun, or cute, or the sort of thing people joke about?  Our society needs a special punishment for sociopaths who think this is acceptable.

    Also – does he really not know that balls =/= tits?

    • Mischa Bilinski says:

      I assume they were adding the tits part to either be gender neutral, or to insult the receiver’s masculinity (They probably assumed the victim here to be male, unless it was very obvious from their user name/avatar)

      Also, a little heads-up, some of us women do in fact have tits, and balls, check your privilege please…

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know if I’d give this guy credit enough to contemplate gender neutrality.  And no offence intended – my comment had more to do with anatomical location than exclusivity.  Some women (and men) do have both, but they’re generally not in the same place, in each other’s place, and/or attached to each other ;)

  6. Lucan Monks says:

    I see why he threatens rape – he’s NEVER getting laid….

  7. “Get the fuck on so I can talk about raping you more!”

    Yes, the ultimate incentive.

  8. net monkeys says:


    I’d first like to apologize on behalf of my gender, then I’m going to go eat a 9mm.  I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets not confuse shitheads with all males.

      Making a joke about suicide over the internet (where there is no inflection) to strangers (who don’t know your personality) is an interesting choice.  At least, I’m going to hope really hard that you’re joking.  If you aren’t: please don’t kill yourself– it doesn’t help anything.

      Unless you are actually one of those misogynistic shitheads and you know that you’re completely irredeemable, in which case, go for it and thank-you. (<– intended to be humorous)

  9. net monkeys says:

    I always seem to forget that nobody can hear my tone over the interent, d’oh!

    I’m was joking, possibly in poor taste if so then I apologize.  I just find crap like these messages pretty depressing.

    (also the last bit was a reference to the creationism episode futurama did)

    • Anonymous says:

      Heh, that apology sits weird with me– I wasn’t looking for one.  Perhaps I sounded more severe than I had intended.  I don’t want to come across as the site’s censor or anything.  I just thought I’d mention how you may come across to others, if’in’ that’s something you’re concerned with.

      Oh and I love Futurama, but I didn’t pick up on the reference.  I can’t really remember the episode either.  All that’s coming to mind is, “Let this abomination unto the Lord commence!” in the episode where they were going to ressurect Fry’s dog.

  10. I hope you reported this asshole

  11. Rikard Nilsson says:

    1 v 1? Sure, give me your adress, I choose pistols at dawn. Cya there, bring your own pistol.

  12. Nozomi says:

    Insta-report. I can’t even handle the fact that this guy (and others) threaten to rape people. That’s not even. That’s. Bah.

  13. Darth Geek says:

    Using my google-fu, I dug up a little info on our Throttle chap.

    Real name: Chad
    Location: Finland
    Age: 15

    Hopefully you’ll use this intelligence for “legitimate” things…

  14. Kris says:


  15. balls/tits I thank you for not being sexist!

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