Naughty List

LEG1T XX S1L3NT has a strange Christmas list. Maybe they should just ask Santa!

“A typical day of turning on my Xbox after a good night of gaming.”


  • JustPlainSomething

    “I keep trying to squeeze them in there, but my boobs just won’t go into my 360′s disc drive. Sorry!”

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why he chose to spell “orgasm” with a zero.  Is it to slip past word-blocking stuff or was it just creativity?

  • Iggy

    ‘Inbox me ur boobs.’ Wow. Really? @@

  • Mister FourtyFour

    And just like that, FUoS has become my new favorite website. Finally I can laugh at sexually deprived man-babies at the comfort of my home!

  • WhyleKat

    Lullzzz. Girls are so lucky! I never get any fun messages =( haha

  • WhyleKat

    Omg me too! Best site ever!!

    I mean you hear about it all the time on gaming blogs or podcasts but to actually see the reality via screenshots. Love it!

  • Andrew Lawton

    The question still stands.  Do you like ponyz?

  • Claudia Nicole Borton

    I didn’t have the heart to tack on the
    fact that I don’t in fact like ‘ponyz’. His poor adolescent heart just couldn’t
    bear any more disappointment! :(

  • Rikard Nilsson

    It’s not a question, He’s telling you that you like ponyz, you are required to comply.

  • Bryan Girty

    u like ponyz

    u like ponyz

    Why did he feel the need to ask that twice?  Better yet, why did he feel the need to ask that at all.  Everyone likes ponies!

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