That won’t change the score

Our submitter says that Don3HUntin sent this message because she was doing a little too well in MW3.


  • Anonymous

    Well if you’re doing that well on a shooter your domestic skills must practically diminish. He’s only just looking out for her, really.

  • GiffTor

    I just feel that it is my responsibility to comment that while sex in the kitchen is awesome, it’s more likely to happen if you do the cooking instead of ordering your lady to do it. Just sayin’.

  • Twinkling82

    Marcus, and that’s when the man in the house steps up and make the food for that evening while the lady is making her l33t skIIlz better.

  • Joanna

    Get back in your mother’s basement, virgin!  XD

  • Derp

    im glad the horrible misogynistic shit was circled or else everyone would have trouble finding it in that picture

  • ria lira levine

    not even gonna lie, I just sent that guy the FILTHIEST message over xbox live he has ever received. ;)

  • Twinkling82

    Way to get down on his level, ria. Just let him be – he’ll grow up eventually.

  • Anonymous

    @twitter-317081222:disqus - I know I’m kind of a loner on this one, but I’ve mentioned it elsewhere so I may as well mention it right when I see it — please consider not fighting stereotypes with stereotypes. Thanks. :)

    Derp – Yeah, the image came that way from our submitter.

    ria lira levine – This is a bad idea, fighting harassment with harassment doesn’t help the overall problem, and can also get you in trouble with XBL yourself. We’ve mentioned before that Microsoft monitors our site, possibly other companies as well. It usually doesn’t matter to any moderators as to who “started” it.


  • JustPlainSomething

    I’ve become so numb to the insults that the lack of capitalization and punctuation hurts me more.

    …I have an English degree, can you tell?

  • Boochen Sundance

    I couldn’t agree more. When I read it, my first thought was “What’s a kitchen slut and how do I get one?”

  • King Lysandus

    @Dom3HUntin: You are on an XBox360 right? With wireless controllers? I am confused: Why tell her to go to the kitchen? Wouldn’t she just continue to smoke your candy-ass from there?

    Really, dude, think it thru! If you need a little help it is ok to ask her nicely to go easy on you! We all understand “special needs.”

  • Anonymous

    High five for representin’ Daggerfall.

  • Joanna

    Yeah I know.  Stooping to their level etc.  I don’t like it either, but they expect us to just take that crap.  By golly I’d give them hell if it means embarrassing the crap outta them XD  Shit talk is the only language they speak after all.

  • Johanna Roberts

    Who is the kitchen slut and why should they go back to them? That’s my question.

  • Johanna Roberts

    Hey, Lysandus, didn’t I put you to rest ten years ago when I woke up the giant robot of doom?  (YAY DAGGERFALL REFERENCES!)

  • Anonymous

    do not become that which you despise be benevolent where others before you have been vengeful and omg im beginning to bore myself merry Christmas all :) may the next year be less full off idiots that the last :)

  • Twinkling82

    well said!

    ,, and it’s true.

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