I’m sure there’s someone out there interested in your musical talents, Robin Bud.

“So this guy played with me in a match in MW3 on Xbox and around 10 mins after the game he sends me the first 2 sleezey messages. I inform him he needs to go relieve himself but he still persits. There was more but they were Darth Vader-esque voice messages.”

(click for more readable largeness)

Robin Bud

  • Anonymous

    That update is killing our readability. Might need to widen the site design or something.

    On the bright side, chronology! And timestamps!

  • Anonymous

    I started reading from bottom to top as normal and it took me a moment to figure out why it wasn’t making sense.

  • Doktor Wilhelm

    That’s not dirty; it’s bloody irresponsible; no way at all to treat a guitar!

  • Anonymous

    This is just gross. Thank you, site-runners, for outing these people and showing this as something sociological rather than isolated incidences. Sometimes it seems like a never-ending battle, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the hate.

    A note about readability: I am not sure how many vision-impaired people use this site, but sometimes having alt-text helps, too. I am not vision-impaired myself, but if I understand right, there are people out there who have software that reads the alt-text for them if they can’t read the text in the picture. It could be something to think about. Not sure what the need would be, as most video games are so largely visual.

  • Casey/Ze

    The new xbox layout thing wouldn’t be so bad if images opened in a separate tab automatically.

  • JustPlainSomething

    “They call me Dirty Mike for a reason.”

    You don’t bathe?

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