Sadistic Spam

Sounds like deathotuna is using mass-messages to save time and effort. Very efficient!

“I got these messages while playing Battlefield 3 with a friend. He also got the same messages and I have a feeling we were not the only ones. I did not bother to respond to any of these but they just kept coming. Such anger!”



  • Anonymous

    Soo hows is that stabbing-people-through-the-internet technology coming along?

  • Anonymous

    …thunder cunt?

  • Joanna

    Here’s an interesting article about internet misogynists

  • Paul Murray

    Americans. ‘Nuff said. Guns, God, and Aggression.

  • Conna Stevenson

    With every entry on this blog I wish more and more there were a way to pre-emptively block gamertags.

  • Anonymous

    When I was reading this one, all I could hear inside my head was “rrr derrba deerba derrba deerba dwleerfth yarb yerb bleert”

  • Antonius Alexander

    Everything on that page is made up, so not really as interesting as it is funny and satirical. You may have known that already, but hey… better safe than sorry.

    “Launched in April 2007, the Daily Mash is a satirical website covering national and international news with spoof stories, commentary and opinion. (i.e. it’s all made-up and is not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as factual. Hello lawyers.)”

  • Anonymous

    This is what the Military gets for putting their shit all over XBOX live. Leave it to the jackasses to fuck everything up!

  • JustPlainSomething

    Of course, my first thought was that for a man who I would guess is homophobic (just a guess, mind you), he sure likes labeling people as gay and then threatening to force them to perform oral favors on him. I also realize these kind of contradictory hate statements are common submissions on this site, but this particular submission is a blatant example of the phenomena. 

  • JustPlainSomething

    Oh come on, most Americans aren’t like this just like most men aren’t like this.

  • Iggy

    @ JustPlainSomething: That’s like saying not all Caucasian boys shout racial slurs at Asian people. Of course not, but that doesn’t excuse the ones who DO.

  • random

    Yeah, but the guy she was responding to said “Americans. ‘Nuff said.”, suggesting that all Americans are indeed like Mr. deathotuna, or even that the root cause of his behaviour is the fact that he’s American. Is that the sentiment that you intended to defend?

  • Anonymous

     not to pop  your bubble or anything but i think  was being satiric i.e  playing on  the stereotype that  most of the world has of america i.e a  country for of religious gun nuts that seam to be starting wars every other day . rather than his or hers actual opinions or alternately they  could  actually belive it and just be ignorant. but most likely the former

  • JustPlainSomething

    Maybe he was, but it’s a wee bit hard to tell tone on the internet.

  • Anonymous

    i must concede that is true 

  • Timothy Holmes

    I have seen ‘detahotuna’ in games. He’s ALWAYS that bad.

  • Anonymous

    now that kid is putting the US Army in shame

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