No, really. We would love it if you BUY THE STUPID T-SHIRT!

The Stupid t-shirt - 604Republic

We’re proud to announce that we’ve opened up a partner store at 604Republic (those nice people with geeky t-shirts that you see in our advertising slots). We’re also an affiliate, so if you like any of their other awesome stuff, please use our affiliate links on the side! It helps pay for our hosting costs. :)

The STUPID t-shirt is a companion piece to the following educational film.

Additionally, we’d like to announce our poetry contest winner: Karissa! Sorry for the delay, but we wanted to pair your prize with this t-shirt announcement. Because… YOU WON A T-SHIRT! See how that works, there?

  • Anonymous

    imma get me one

  • Karissa Jean

    Awww yeah, I feel fucking awesome now. ;D I will wear this shirt with pride.

  • gtz

    woot! Karissa, can you please DM your email address to the @fatuglyorslutty twitter account? We’ll get in touch with you soon to coordinate.

  • Karissa Jean

    Done and done!

  • Cranky Humanist

    Awesome, but the color choice of the t-shirt is unfortunate. The silhouette is lost on the gray.

    Can one select a different color shirt?

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    Unfortunately, no. These aren’t print-on-demand shirts (if they were, we’d have to either sacrifice quality or charge at least $5 more per shirt). 604 has printed up a number of the shirts, and now it’s up to us to demonstrate demand.

    We may have made a bad decision about the shirt color. Sorry, we’re new to this. That said, I think it’ll be popular enough.

    I don’t want to be too aggressive here, but sales of this shirt will determine whether future shirt designs exist.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Dang, I didn’t win the contest.

    …..that wasn’t very good trolling, was it? The above was my best attempt at being offensive. ;)

  • Emma Judd

    So what that video says is… don’t be yourself what so ever? Completely fake a different person online? Right. Okay.

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    The video is intended to be taken as sarcasm.

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