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So when we put together a post, we try and do what we can to verify the XBL tag spelling by checking out the public profiles. It can be ambiguous with the font — l vs. I, O vs. 0. The profiles are sometimes worth a chuckle themselves, but xBazR really kind of blew me away today with his consistency.

The Pro is one of the XBL Enforcement members, whose fine work (and others!) you can see in action at one of our favourite sites: Why Was I Banned?




  • Courtney Nicole

    What’s a gollywog? O.o

  • Why Was I Banned?


  • Jon Rosebaugh


    Basically, it’s a racist child’s toy from England. xBazR is also from England, judging from his profile.

  • Brittany Louis

    He’s looking at getting a ban too, so I guess it works. 

  • Anonymous

    Sad, isn’t it?  But this is what dubstep does to people.

  • JustPlainSomething

    …. “barsted”?

  • Boochen Sundance

    I’m thinking “bastard”, but with a British accent?

    edit: Also, I’ve been laughing myself silly over at “Why Was I Banned?”. Great stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda sounds Scottish.

  • Anonymous

    Strange to buy a xbox if you dislike Bill Gates that much!

  • Ronnie Taylor

    You can find that kid over at TTG, a modding site.

  • Anonymous

    that’s just retarded

  • Anonymous

    Heck, he could have bought the XBox and never hooked it up to the internet and been as obnoxious as he wanted. People who sign up for XBox Live agree to a standard of conduct when they do, and Why Was I Banned? is full of people who try to argue that they should be able to be as obnoxious as they want to be regardless, because they don’t understand what the First Amendment is really about.

  • Winston Chang

    Guy still up and about. Though his bio has changed:

  • Cori Redford

    I would’ve banned him simply for his improper use of the word ‘your.’ He didn’t have to go to all of that extra trouble to be a racist fucknut. 

  • DaftBot

    how bad can he be? He <3s Dubstep!

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