Weighing all the options

TRUx LOVE has apparently put some serious thought into this. Thanks for your efforts, and no, YOU have a good day!


  • Anonymous

    Wieghing all the options, you mean.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Niall-Ellis-Rawling/100000197680725 Niall Ellis Rawling

    Honestly I had no idea people were needing to put up with this sort of treatment just because they happen to have a vagina. It genuinely pisses me off that this sort of shit goes on.
    Gives me an idea for a new hobby though, since I have their gamertags.

  • Anonymous

    How was that sexist in any way, shape, or form? Crude and sophmoric yes, slightly morbid too, but how in the world was that construed as being directed specifically at a girl. [Insert unisex fat worthless lives with grandmother loser here] there is a myriad of nerd gamer that could fit the bill. Now, did the little cunt deserve it? Aahh therein lies a quandary for a different time. Digressions aside, FUCK. YOU. Fuck off you fat bitch I’m motherfucking TL I have like 5 accounts. File complaints all day, but what you should be doing if going to the gym or throwing up you fucking nobody. Don’t think for one second bravado like this is just handed out to peasants like you or any one els still reading this. Just let it go, “Bitch be cool.”

  • Mischa Bilinski

    If you have “like 5 accounts” (Also, how do you not know how many you actually do have) Doesn’t that make you the no-life loser?

    Also, internet tough guy, haha, you so cute *pat pat*

  • Anonymous

    You do not have an xbox, you will never understand. “I have like 5 accounts” is not a concrete number only because I am not sure how many accounts currently are gold. You pay a monthly subscription fee to have the privilege of playing on xbox live. No gold, no online play. Now I could have 10 accounts on multiple boxes if I wanted. What the hell does it matter to you? Losers are not college educated, do not drive BMWs, and are deffinatly not wealthy. Losers on the other hand get raped on xbox then feel the need to post only their side of the story on websites for sour, dejected people like you. T<3 

    Also fat poor disgusting loser who wears her make up like a whore because her mother abondoned her when she was young so she never learned haha you so cute *pat pat*

  • http://www.inklesspen.com Jon Rosebaugh

    Hi, thanks for playing our fun game “Let me prove I’m a worthless asshole.” I’m pleased to announce that you’ve won! Kindly GTFO.

  • http://enoughdynamite.wordpress.com/ Boochen Sundance

    “…Losers are not college educated, do not drive BMWs, and are deffinatly not wealthy.”

    Plenty of losers drive BMWs and wealth doesn’t change your loser/douche status even a little bit. And I’d *definitely* get a refund on that college tuition if I were you.

  • http://www.popculturemulcher.tumblr.com popculturemulcher

    Oh my god. That’s how my xbox works?

  • http://www.popculturemulcher.tumblr.com popculturemulcher

    I think it’s nice that some people take it on themselves to be total asshats just for the purpose of allowing others to feel morally superior to them. Nobody HAS to do it, but still, they do. It shows real dedication, you know?

    Also, I would “deffinately” like to drive their imaginary BMW. Take it out on the fictitious highway and really open her up.

  • Scottie V

    LOOOOOLLLLLLL College educated, driving BMWs…no wonder you have so much time for trolling Xbox live and internet sites! Also, it’s cute that you try so hard (I’m kidding! Please don’t punch me through the internet!). By the way, do you see the irony inherent in saying “Losers [...] need to post only their side of the story on websites for sour, dejected people like you”, while coming to share only your side of the story while sounding sour and dejected?

    To the creators of FUoS: Thank you. I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite site to troll trolls. 

  • Mischa Bilinski

    What I wanna know is how he came to the conclusion I don’t own an Xbox, when I do… Did I somehow let on that I did not posses one?

    And in his defence, it’s true, I am a fat poor disgusting loser, but I don’t wear makeup, and am on good terms with my mother, not sure where he’s getting all this misinformation, anyone know?

  • Anonymous

    Macbook pics… taken in my garage and keys in my hand…. Youre move trolls. I dare say this is turning from “mistreatment of girl gamers” *cough* to a rich vs poor argument.  I’m just sayn’. Collectively i get the sense you little nerds are perposefully fuelling this centiment. At the end of the day we are talking video games. I may not punch you through the internet you little fuck prick, but I do have GoW3. Which brings us to here and now, I didn’t even know she was a girl she just sucked something awful and got her feelings hurt. You pussies know the tag or send an invite to any of my other gamertags  Xi K TRU iX   SliestPlayer  Zi N ii TT Y x   or you can be lame and file complaints! My T<3 account is suspended with Code of Conduct. Sooo I guess this worked out for the girl who posted the pic. So have at it and have a nice day.

  • Mischa Bilinski

    I like how his ability to spell is on the decline, while his desperation is skyrocketing.

    Can we get like, a special place on the site for this guy?  He seems like such a glorious example of what this site stands against.

    Also, if we’re nerds (Personally, I don’t think nerd is even an insult anymore by the way, try to keep up with the times) then how come you have several XBL accounts? Not to mention your obvious attempt to seem oh-so-cool in your name choices.

    Also, I’m curious, are you by any chance from Brazil? I’m really getting that sort of vibe from ya (Not saying there’s anything wrong with Brazilians mind you)

  • Anonymous

    I was born in Sao Paulo it’s summer time there. How did you know I am Brazilian? Have something against Brazil? Wow and here I thought I was condescending and arrogant. Lucky guess, probably, or maybe you’re just reading to much into things. You’re not allowing yourself to see the bigger picture.

    I like this website too.

    Hate breeds hate.

  • http://twitter.com/_gtz_ gtz

    what is even going on here

    The cognitive dissonance is getting all mixed up with just straight dissing. Damn.

  • http://www.inklesspen.com Jon Rosebaugh

    Don’t feed the trolls, folks!

  • Mischa Bilinski

    Heh, sorry about that guys, was just trying to satisfy my curiosity.  You see, I play a lot of different games online, and a lot of those games involve a lot of male Brazilian players.  Now saying that, I just figured this guy fit the image a lot of those players, and how they act (IE rampant machismo/testosterone poisoning I’ve not seen as bad anywhere else) So, I gave it an educated guess, and looks like I hit the spot.

    And no, I have nothing against Brazil, a lot of great athletes come out of there,  a lot of great culture/lore, and some rather delicious-looking people. *Grin*

  • http://twitter.com/icy_wing Iggy

    Um. Wow.

  • Scottie V

    So, if we finally acquiesce and say “Okay, Mr b1tch, you are clearly a much better person than us, which is in part due to you having so much more money than us; materialism clearly brings out your best qualities”, will you just quit being a fucking contrarian asshole and GTFO?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Armstrong/1196621081 Adam Armstrong

    I like how imTLb1tch tried to say this was turning into a Rich vs. Poor argument, when no one except him was saying anything about money.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha dangit I can’t believe I was’t here for this. This is awesome. “My T<3 account is suspended with Code of Conduct. Sooo I guess this worked out for the girl who posted the pic." 

  • Anonymous

    Brasileiro é tudo retardado. Que vergonha do meu país. Educação, kd? Pq seu pai é rico vc acha que falar palavrão é legal, humilhar os outros é bacana? Tirou isso daonde?

    Brazilians are all retards. I’m ashamed of my country. No education at all. You think because your dad is rich, cursing people out and putting them down is cool? Where did you get that notion from?

  • Anonymous

    Btw guys. In Brazil you can get a college degree if you know the right people or pay the right amount. You don’t have to study one single day. He’s probably one of the playboys, and has a rich daddy who pays for everything he wants, so these kind of guys think they’re the greatest thing this side of Earth.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha! He’s posting pictures of a car someone else bought him to a bunch of strangers on the internet in an attempt to prove how cool he is. What a loser.

    I almost want to pity him… To be such a husk of a person… To have one’s soul so atrophied…  It would be heartbreaking if he wasn’t such a douche about it.

  • http://twitter.com/Super_Widget Joanna

    LMAO!  You be one crazy biatch.  Shoo troll, the grown ups are talking =D

  • http://anex-unnecessaryblogage.blogspot.com/ Anex

    I can look down the street and see at least 5 bmws and 3 mercedes, not to mention the buses which are all mercedes. Consequence of living in europe I guess, no one gives a crap about your stupid car.

  • http://twitter.com/lolitadoctrine Herp Derp

    Did this guy seriously go take a picture of his car to try and win an argument on the internet?


  • Anonymous

    Heh, yup– it’s still pretty funny.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDAYVERNJS6PHYPNVI757P3QHE Vecha

     I bet it was his mommy’s car.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/QDAYVERNJS6PHYPNVI757P3QHE Vecha

     Lol…This guy is hilarious.

    We all know that isn’t your car.

    Don’t let Bueller get you to take Dad’s car out for a spin.

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