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ExpertJohnny probably didn’t even need to change any text in this ad after Craigslist closed one of its more controversial sections.


  • A.E. Cail

    Wow… 12-25… I hope he meant level and not age…

  • gtz

    It occurs to me now that the implied age in the title is quite misleading.

  • Anonymous


    ETA: …and yeah, this would…definitely call for the “Jeepers Creepers” category I think…

    EATA: …you know, really thinking about it, I think this calls for a whole new category. Something like “What The Fucking Fuck“.

  • Anonymous

    The name “ExpertJohnny” cracks me up.  It has so much ethos.  ”Of course this is a good idea! You can trust me– I’m an expert!”

    I also love how it was posted in the Trade channel.

  • Tom Ditmars

    I hope that got reported to the police.

  • Anonymous

    Yikes. I hope that guy is banned from the entire game.

  • Anex

    Yeah totally sick. Hope he got reported and the police are looking into him.. O_o

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