Is there a quest for that?

Take note, Blizzard. Your players would like a real challenge added to the game. (click for longer version)

  • Curtis Lassam

    This doesn’t seem as much malicious as clueless.

  • Rina Korisanszky

    Seems pretty typical of the /trade chat on my server

  • Anonymous

    21 times a day at Grandma’s? That’s nothing! Try 8 times in a movie theater during the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now that’s impressive. :P

  • William Clarke

    If it is a quest it must be a daily [badoom tsss]

  • Michael Fry

    They might be onto something here… lol

  • Lil Malk

    *facepalms*  Think that was my server.  I was there for that conversation.  Methinks I need a new hobby now.  *laughs*

  • Jennifer Thorne

    Truely… a recipe for zinc deficiency…

  • Anonymous

    “Virgins trying to explain what to do to women is funny.”  That’s really about 80% of the online experience, innit?

  • Rikard Nilsson

    21 times…man I’ve at most been able to breach the 13 mark when I was young and bored, turns out that friction hurts…This guy must be crazy, or he’s using coolant as lube…

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