Reasonable Alternative

Maybe Skyys can put his own logic to good use and spend his money elsewhere, instead of Aion.


  • ♥ i c y

    Skyys got butthurt, lol.

  • gtz

    It’s almost too perfect; it’s like he’s a caricature of a real person. He embodies the stereotype of “women are whores, here is my reasoning on how to handle these whores” complete with the swearing and accusations post-kick.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not entirely sure why what Skyys says is being highlighted instead of the main topic of that conversation? That subject’s HEAVY, it makes whatever’s coming out of Skyys’ mouth seem almost insignificant in comparison…

  • Tom Ditmars

    How much you want to bet the jerk reported her for good measure?

  • Jeff Kyer

    That would have done more harm than good. When we see a report, we pull the chat logs for the characters involved and read them. And, surprisingly often, we end up sanctioning the person who made the complaint for being a jerk rather than the target.

  • Tom Ditmars

    I’m so glad that is the case.

  • Jordy Den Hartog

    I like this guy, he’s inviting someone who dislikes him to take the squishiest part of his body into the one orifice that is actually designed to put pressure on its contents, I’m sure he will get very far in life.

  • Anonymous

    Well said!

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