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“These people were an absolute nightmare to heal due to standing in stuff, bad pulls, etc. After the panther boss, I pulled a group by accident, in large part because the tank would not pull the group we were working on to a safer place. I made good on my promise and let the GMs know of the high praise this tank gave me. ;)”


  • Judy Brenner

    Yup. I remember when that happened. Glad your screenshot made its way on here!

  • Eric S. Piotrowski

    Wow. The vocabulary and syntax of MMOs is so very, very strange to me.

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to the mmorpg genre nowadays.  Long gone is the family RPG experience that Dark Age of Camelot brought us all on Percival (a real RP server) Midgard back in 2002,03,04…

  • Anonymous

    I was Alb on Percival but loved every minute of playing DAoC. None of the massive amounts of douchery you get in WoW these days.

  • Aanwa Nori Rakukenyr

    Wow, yeah, when i’m on my healer i’ve run into some really shitty tanks. both playING wise and asshole wise.

  • Justine Ossom

    This is why I rarely PuG these days, and only as DPS if I do. A bad tank always blames the healer. Best one was in Grim Batol; he pulled badly, died, bawled out the healer then /RAGEquit. The rest of us decided to give it a shot without a tank and we completed the instance just fine. It’s amazing what you can do without someone yelling GOGOGOGOGOGO and using CC!

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to know the reason for the votekick.

  • Lil Malk

    Panther boss… was this Zul’Gurub, by chance?  *laughs*  Cripes, the people you find in PUGs.  I still swear I’m cursed since, more often than not, I find the douchbag tanks who either bitch out everyone when they screw up, or instead of, y’know, Tanking, stand there and tell everyone else how to do their jobs.  Cursed, I say.

  • Tracey A. Jones

    this is why i don’t play healers. well, that and there’s clearly a dearth of good tanks out there. ;)

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