Then I guess you won’t mind

It’s not Count Blinkular‘s fault, the insidious IRC made him do it. If he didn’t comply, then… uh.

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  • Conna Stevenson

    “Guy Who Tries To Hit On You Whenever You Come Around”? Awfully long nickname, sir, would you rather I just call you “sexual harassment”? It’s much shorter.

    (Shorter. Heh.)

  • Iggy

    … please don’t tell me the submitter gave her phone number *from* IRC so this jerk could track her down? o.o

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    It’s not a text message; it’s Bungie Mobile.

  • Anonymous

    “Babycakes”? “Sugarboots”? Who the fuck are you? Danny Zuko?

  • Meg Atron

    “Ha ha ha, I’m just kidding, some dudes on the internet put me up to this. But seriously though wanna be my e-girlfriend u slut”

  • Iggy

    Oh. That explains it.

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is bungie mobile

  • Cortana Siffow PMS

    @Marcus (sorry, I bork the reply button) Uhh, what do you think? It’s Bungie. And it’s mobile.

  • Ken Popehat

    “8.5 inches?  Is that the average length of one of your drool streams?”

  • Jamir S.

    @google-88ea1b9239bd3c03d914fd2567c54485:disqus  HAHAHA YEAH NICE ONE BRO, you sure got me there

  • Anonymous

    Haha. Are you Count Blinkular?

  • Michael Van Ert

    I lol’d

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