Sun-Maid and Seedless

All this talk of hoes and raisins, I’m starting to think TEQUILERA 562 is the harvester lady from the raisin box!

“Pretty sure this message was sent after I raged at some kid camping in a bush with a silenced ak74u”


  • Anonymous

    Again with the ripping/cutting off of the breasts…. What’s up with these people?! >.<

  • Doktor Wilhelm

    Ah, bless; he pretends to be a girl (and his own girlfriend) online so that he can rage at people who have raged at himself: but he needs to realise that his hand may be the nearest thing to a girlfriend he has had; but it doesn’t mean any message typed by said hand is from his girlfriend! (Lol, yes I under the irony of using a derivative of the “no girls on the internet” meme on this site; but couldn’t help it!)

    Also, as always may I add that I am thankful for this comedy gold; but it could have been avoided by not raging at the child in the bushes in the first place! ;D

  • William Clarke

    Raisins… well that just makes me think of Resonance of Fate/End of Eternity- …yes that is the voice of Nolan North…

  • JustPlainSomething

    I will say, USUALLY women aren’t so willing to threaten boob violence on other women. It’s like guy trolls don’t say they’re going to rip out another guys balls with their teeth… it’s just common courtesy.

  • Anonymous

    “y u scream at my man hoe”??

  • Anonymous

    “y u scream at my man, hoe?” or “y u scream at my man hoe?”  This is important.

  • Anonymous

    Why is always with the ripping off of the tits with the wurpity durpity and duh jello puddin n all that 

  • Berty Archibald II

    Man my nipples are so much better than your nipples.

  • krizzle

    i bet this guy’s never seen a real boob before.

  • Dominic Maca

    “Pretty sure this message was sent after I raged at some kid camping in a bush with a silenced ak74u”Eh? Wait what? I’m pretty sure camping is still a tactic, no matter how cheap. Nothing to rage about LOL.

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