Personal Grooming

R0B0CQCK didn’t like our submitter killing him — a lot — on Black Ops. He offers this helpful tip for gamers, a group often criticized for their hygiene.


  • Doktor Wilhelm

    He seem much less R0B0 and rather more just a CQCK. ;D

  • Lee-Anne Elliott

    oh god I laughed so hard >.<

  • William Clarke

    Why? Does it make you worse at Black Ops if you shave it? (ie. is this some sort request for the recipient to have a handicap to give ROBOCQCK a chance)?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure how that would make him not die as much.

  • Johanna Roberts

    So, he’s a “pro” with a gamer score of under five thousand…. Ohkay…..

  • JustPlainSomething

    Anyone else think shaving your butthole is a very, very bad idea?

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious if there was more to this conversation, or if that’s the first thing he jumped to…in the case of the latter, how dense is this fellow (pun intended)?  He’s established with his username that he needs an assembly of wires, circuits, and such to get the equipment going (or it got stuck in the XBox), but is his posterior unruly enough he’s using it for camping?  Did he get a smiley tattoo and put sunglasses on it?

  • Donna Nicholson

    I was just catching up here and saw your question, VictoryaBlade.  I submitted this photo, and this is the only thing he ever said to me.  We played on, I believe, Firing Range.  I kicked his ass, and this was in my inbox after the match.  That’s it.  I didn’t reply to him.  I took the photo to submit here, and then reported him. 

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