By the way, before I go…

xSuCcEsS LYNKSx is prone to elaborate, finally-getting-it-off-their-chest farewells.

“Was on Xbox Live waiting for a friend to join in so I could play MW2 with him. This guy got mad cause I wasn’t accepting his game requests. I would have if he didn’t send them when I was already in party/game.”


  • Rachel East

    Awe, little, bitter boy got his feeling hurt.

  • Steve O’Hara

    anyone that has those lowercase ‘x’ around their username, in any given situation, is probably a good candidate for sterilization

  • Lucan Monks

    Really!? Girls go on xbox live to pull guys?… this IS a revelation… but then they turn down one… hmm, logic is not this guys friend.

  • Nikoru George

    The butt hurt is strong with this one.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, not everyone can just up and go without ever looking back, you know?! Sometimes, those long farewells are the only way for a person to get the closure they need… =_=;

  • JustPlainSomething

    Yes, girls only go onto X-Box Live so they can talk to guys… like you, who always say the nicest things.

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