Conduct Yourselves Appropriately

You have to establish a reasonable server etiquette so that the trolls don’t take over, you know? Better add these to The Rules.

“Usually admins will post rules up at the spawn point, and this server was no different… or so I thought.”

minecraft server rules

  • Luis Pabon

    One of these things is not like the others!

  • Nikoru George

    Yeah I know. How do you become an admin if you can’t even ask? Weird…

  • Anonymous

    Your face is completely allowed! Wait….that didn’t work out as expected…. Must come up with something else…. >.<

  • William Clarke

    Sexism is completely allowed…in my pants :-D
    Does that fit the bill?

  • Anonymous

    Where is this picture from? No, really, where is it from? Yeah, I did miss something, apparently…

  • JustPlainSomething

    So spamming isn’t allowed… UNLESS you’re constantly asking a woman to show her boobs. Then it’s encouraged.

  • Conna Stevenson

    I’m tempted to ask what the server’s address is. Nonsense like that deserves a good griefing. They’ve got time to justify their sexim, they’ve jolly well got time to rebuild.

  • Levy Wilson

    Anyone with common sense would first wonder who’s idea it was to put this rule here and whether or not is was put there by a woman as a joke.

  • Anonymous

    Sexism is completely allowed.  HAHAHAHAHA – A Woman
    Classic woman humour there!

  • Anonymous

    It’s a screenshot from the spawn point of a Minecraft multiplayer server. Most servers are privately-run by players. This is either a case of some sexist dudebro running a server, or a case of some poor sap who didn’t set up their server correctly and ended up being vandalized. (In most areas, players can build/destroy whatever they want, including signs, but usually the area around the spawn point has player building disabled. That way normal people can’t cause mischief like changing the rule signs.)

  • Anonymous

    Yes! I would be happy to join the grief party if anybody knows the address.

  • Anonymous

    I doubt it. Even a lot of the servers that say “no bigotry” will give a total pass to sexism. Plus the area around the spawn point almost always has player-building disabled, so it would have to be admin approved at a minimum.

  • Rachel B. Custer

    So the problem with this being a joke put up by a woman is that it still says that sexism is allowed. Not only is it not funny, but it’s supporting patriarchal values that women are lesser creatures. No matter the gender, they’re still an asshole.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s well within the realm of plausibility that the pro-sexist rule was posted ironically.  I feel the awkward and exaggerated use of “completely” help lends to that idea.  If they were being ironic, then their point is that sexism will not be tolerated.  We don’t really have the context to know either way for sure– it is very believable that it’s the work of some misogynistic twerps.

    Resisting sexist folks is important, but maybe you should lighten up a bit in this case.

  • Anonymous

    The second I read that an image popped into my head of a room full of girls just waiting for some unsuspecting guy to come in thinking he’s going to start in with the “sandwich” lines…and immediately get his long-neglected boy bits handed to him.

  • Rikard Nilsson

    Sexism works both ways…but the point is probably lost on most males…still, it’s gender neutral as it’s written there so, meh.

  • Yamilah Kenny

    Sexism: prejudice against a sex WITH the power to institutionalize it.

    You can have prejudice against literally any sex, but it becomes SEXISM when you have the power to make it a systematic reality for the hated group.
    I don’t know a single female who would think this is funny. I am also a female. You are not. This isn’t “Gender neutral” because sex 1. isn’t a gender and 2. this is directly referencing a kind of discrimination that is practiced in the West–sexism against females. There IS NO SEXISM AGAINST MALES. There is no possibility of that ever systematically occurring.

  • Yamilah Kenny

     Because you definitely can say with certainty that this was posted ironically. And because YOU SAID SO, this is true. Ironic sexism is obviously not sexism, either, and the mass “confusion” seems to tell you nothing. As if people will not take this at face-value (which it should be… because it’s sexist, obvsly). To you, this isn’t serious. To the people who submitted and posted this (and those people were surely female), this is not ironic and this is VERY serious. And, even if it was ironic, IT IS STILL SEXIST.

    Thanks, White Guy Authority, for mansplaining it all to us stupid females who just need to “lighten up” about receiving unrelenting and mass harassment that then gets defended by fuckheads like you.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, you’re your own enemy.  I hope you come to understand this sooner than later.

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  • Rikard Nilsson

     Yeah, we can define it as that if that’s what you want. Welcome to 2012, you’re not confined to the home, you’re not powerless, get a grip on reality., the 1950′s is gone.
    1. What the hell are you talking about? Who said that sex is a gender? The sex in SEXism refers to “gender” not the physical activity, and it can refer to either gender.
    2. There is plenty of sexism against males, you just don’t see it that way because you think of it as “women fighting back against their male oppressors” or other bullshit like that. Sexism is sexism no matter what gender the recieving party has.

    Furthermore when it comes down to it women have a lot more power over men than the other way around. A blunt example: A woman can send an innocent man to jail for several years with one word. Let’s see a man do the same…

  • Julia Bender

     unbelievable that this post is not moderated at all. thats misgynist and antifeminist. just have a look on any antifeminist “”"men’s right”"” forum and you will find those statements.

    1. Yamilah did never say she refers to sex as intercourse (“physical activity”), she (in my view obviously) means, that sex (biologial sex – man born man and women born women, ever heard of it?) is not the same as gender (social “sex”, a construct, a social role in society). That you can just imagine sex to mean intercourse shows your superficial knowledge in that matter.

    2. there is no sexism against males, Yamilah pointed it out very well why. it’s like saying “there is a lot of racism against whites”. whites and men are the privileged class so they are not victims of systematically racism or sexism – they are its profiteurs.

    your last part: just no? its that weird that no one really can think like that except someone really brainwashed. women dont have more power than men, they are the oppressed class of the western patriarchy. no woman can send innocent man to jail with one word. thats antifeminist propaganda. women don’t conspire, they don’t lie pathetically. most rapes never reported, even more rapists never face trial or jail. the percentage of false accusations is very low, you can check that even on wikipedia (false accusation of rape is the title of the article). as i said, you know nothing about sexism.

  • Ryan Poole

    ” 2. there is no sexism against males, Yamilah pointed it out very well
    why. it’s like saying “there is a lot of racism against whites”. whites
    and men are the privileged class so they are not victims of
    systematically racism or sexism – they are its profiteurs.”

    I don’t believe that is strictly true, if you mean who are typically the power brokers worldwide, the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, the politicians who shape our world, then I’d agree, there is that “old boys network” that seems to exist. Otherwise, for me it’s just too much a sweeping statement, when quite clearly there instances where being a male or white can count against you.

    If I divorce my wife because the marriage has irrevocably broken down, I would love to see the statistics on the chances of being awarded custody of my children and the support and maintenance I’d be expected to pay for the privilege.

    If I can’t get a job because, although I am the best candidate purely on qualifications, experience and interview performance, but however I am white and male and so therefore don’t promote “diversity” amongst the orgranisation’s workplace, so subsequently a less suitable candidate is offered the job because they fit a gender/race quota, then that is discrimination, no?

    Or is it because my father or grandfather may have held someones career back “in the bad old days” , that I should somehow be held accountable to bring the balance back?

    It’s perfectly acceptable to make your gym female only (and honestly, I do totally understand why, for what it’s worth, because of the type of idiots that are thinking things like they send on xbox when girls walk past them to the cross trainers) without question, but I’m pretty sure you couldn’t make your sports bar “Male Only” to offer Men a choice.

    It is more than acceptable to have a film entitled “White Men Can’t Jump” acknowledging the supposed physical prowess and ability of black players to dunk over white players, but I’m not so sure “Black Men Can’t Swim” would be seen as a cheeky affectionate nod to the fact there are very few elite level black swimmers.

    Any reference to gender and race, that is not relevant to the argument or decision at hand can be construed as “discriminatory” . My nationality, sex and race are not things I have chosen, nor anything I can do anything about.

    My ability to play games is what I’ve put before you in online gaming, you might give me some trash talk or banter about my skill in competitive games, or you may show me a neat trick or two in a co-operative game.

    The fact you believe white males have “are the privileged class” implies to me, now you know I am white and male, that you’ve already decided I somehow have an advantage in life over you already without knowing anything else about me.

    No malice or aggression in this post, just interested to hear your response, or at least an expanded version of “White men have all the privilege” .



  • Anonymous

    “there is no sexism against males”

    Saying this does nothing but to entitle people to be shitty towards men.  

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    Just because someone is wrong does not mean that person is actually a troll. If we removed every comment by persons whom we believed to be wrong, there’d be fewer comments on this site; I can tell you that.

  • Guest


    Yamilah has no power to control the meaning of a word. She may have her opinions but that does not change the meaning of a word.

    sex·ism [sek-siz-uhm] Show IPA
    1. attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of sexual roles.
    2. discrimination or devaluation based on a person’s sex, as in restricted job opportunities; especially, such discrimination directed against women.

    Women get specified but are not exclusifely the target of sexism. Also how can you fight for equality by refusing to admit that the term sexism is also for both genders?


    There is racism against white people. In South-Africa you can get killed for being white. In Europe, you can encounter positive discrimination (not getting hired because you are white) and predjudice because you are white.

    What you are talking about, I presume, is that because you don’t have the possibility of encountering it as much as someone with a different skin-tone, you shouldn’t whine about it.

    A point I don’t agree with, injustice is injustice no matter how priviliged you are on other points. It may not be a priority, but it is a point that must be changed.

    As a white young female from a western socialst country, I can say that I’m at the point that I’m one of the most priviliged people in the world. The only way I could get more priviliged is by being from a rich family.

    I know you don’t agree with me, I know you probably concider me brainwashed but I have biases about you to. Such as: you don’t fact-check, you never try to think from another point other then yours and thus you never change your mind (wich makes you very untrustworthy), you aren’t following a technical education, you hate MRA’s just for existing (I think they are just as bad as feminists btw) for all the wrong reasons: you don’t want men to fight for their rights as only woman are allowed (omg how sexist, but you’ll disagree), … (insert a lot more feminist stereotypes).

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