Girlfriend Achievement

Unlocking that elusive XBL GF achievement is sure to put mr lazy247 over the 4000 mark.

mr lazy247

  • Anonymous

    This guy here seems like he is being genuine. Versus being a hostel dick. Or crazy.

  • Mark Richards

    A genuine dick might not be a hostile dick but a dick is a dick. 

  • William Clarke

    So he wants to be your gf but only on xbox, not irl?

  • shadownlite

    Well his ID is “mrlazy247″ so….

  • Anonymous

    Everyone is blowing this way out of proportion.  If Mr. Lazy247 had asked me to be his xbox Gruppenfuerher I would simply say “no thank you” rather than making a big deal out of it.

  • popculturemulcher

    From that zoom distance, his avatar’s headwear looks kind of like a formal headdress. Maybe it was a ritual proposal. Like, the leader of his clan left and the rest of the clan was deciding on a new leader by a contest of sexual prowess. I hope he was not the winner.

  • Maciej Cisowski

     ok, so this is pretty weak as far as online flirt goes, but how does this make him a dick? Awkward – yes. Pretty much 100% unsuccessful – yes. But where does this register on the “Fat, Ugly or Slutty” list? From reading some posts here I get the impression that there is a problem of distinguishing between clumsy attempts at flirt and downright dickishness. When you put both in the same bag, people get the idea that you are just against any kind of gender-qualified activity on the Internet, which – I think – just ain’t the case. Just trying to say: don’t water down your message :)

  • Krista

     Because, as previously mentioned, Xbox Live is not a dating service, and behavior like this, while not necessarily offensive to everyone, is still not appropriate.

    Would I place him alongside others who swear, yell and make threats? No. But I have nothing against it being placed here.

  • Anonymous

    I know that almost any site who cites FUoS essentially heralds them as the experts in gaming misogyny, constantly on the forefront, fighting the good fight.  The thing is that the staff like to try to keep things light, which is an approach I feel works extremely well.  It’s a way to bring awareness to folks without coming across as whining.

    There generally has to be some kind of humor to be found in the submission– either inherent, or if they can come up with an amusing jape.  They’ve said before that they don’t post some submissions just because they can’t think of a funny angle for it.

    I feel as though you make a valid point when you say posts like these water down the message.  There are plenty of people who would feel that way if they weren’t so familiar with the site.  The bottom line here, however, is that while the message is rather harmless, it’s still something that many women don’t like finding in their inbox.   And, perhaps, some lonely kid will see this post and now think twice about asking a stranger if they would be their Xbox girlfriend.  I that makes it worthwhile to post.

    Personally, I would like to see the antagonist’s name removed from these more innocuous posts.  I don’t think it’s quite fair to have someone’s mistakes frozen in time for all of eternity to see.  But, then again, we wouldn’t be able to see how hilariously appropriate Mr Lazy’s tag is… from his low-energy method of finding a girlfriend, to his meek gamerscore, to his name itself (were there 246 Mr Lazys before him?).

  • Maciej Cisowski

    I think he
    meant Mr Lazy 24/7 as in “I’m constantly lazy” and was lazy enough to
    not bother inserting a slash in there :)

    And I can
    see how FUoS is always trying to find a way to ridicule the obviously sexist
    game chat. That’s cool with me, I think it’s a great angle to approach the
    problem. Still, when it comes to flirting, apart from dating sites, speed dates
    etc., there isn’t really much to say about the appropriateness of a given
    situation. It’s a fuzzy logic issue. Some would say that Xbox Live is for gamy
    game talk only, while others use it to chat in the same way they would chat in
    real life. Some woman find it offensive when guys hit on when they are at the
    club with their friends.

    understand where your coming from, but at the same time feel that this is
    ridiculing the awkward guy who mustered the guts to at least try his best at
    flirting at a party and got turned down. Not really sexist, not really creepy,
    just awkward and getting laughed away alongside all those macho Xboxers writing
    about tits and raping someone. It just doesn’t sit right with me. Guess it’s
    just that my Inner Awkward Flirter feels bad about it.

  • Anonymous

    “I think he meant Mr Lazy 24/7 as in “I’m constantly lazy” and was lazy enough to not bother inserting a slash in there :)”

    Haha, I think you’re right.

    “ Still, when it comes to flirting, apart from dating sites, speed dates
    etc., there isn’t really much to say about the appropriateness of a given

    The concept of “xbox isn’t a dating site” really bothers me.  It’s as you suggest– dating sites aren’t the only place to meet people to date.  Most don’t, I think.  I think most people find other people while engaging in common interests.  But video games should be excluded from that?  Sure, people should show more etiquette than asking random women to be their “xbox gf”, but it’s not fair to say that XBL can’t be just like any other means of social interaction.

    “ at the same time feel that this is ridiculing the awkward guy who mustered the guts to at least try his best at flirting at a party and got turned down…It just doesn’t sit right with me.”

    You know, I completely agree.  It’s why I advocate scrubbing names from entries like these.  The site can still have it’s laugh.  It can still serve as an example of what not to say. But it will avoid deeply shaming someone for making a mistake.

    Although, with this entry, the name kind of makes it.

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