PAX Prime Panel: Video or it didn’t happen

I don’t even know what to say about last weekend. Nothing seems adequate. We had a great time and met a lot of amazing people who were eager to discuss FUoS and the overall topic of harassment in gaming. The organizers and Enforcers of PAX were incredibly kind, welcoming and encouraging to us throughout the months leading up to PAX. Of course, then PAX itself was just such a different and incredible experience from the point-of-view of a speaker as opposed to just an attendee, as in years past.

It might still be too soon to process the whole thing properly, but our ramblings aren’t why you’re here anyway. So in short:

  • From where we sat (and watching the Enforcers tell each other how few seats were left), it’s pretty safe to say that the theatre was full. I’m pretty sure I saw a couple of people get turned away at the doors — this video is for you most of all. ;)
  • Thank you so much to everyone who came and laughed with us. It was so incredible to have you all there I can’t even
  • Yet another thank you to our panel’s very helpful Enforcers. :)
  • It was great to have so many familiar faces in the crowd. Our friends have been amazing in their support of us and this project since that first day, and we appreciate you not getting sick of hearing about it yet. ;)
  • Thank you to our dear friend Zach for being our cameraman! Yay!
  • As you’ll see, Rhoulette was a fantastic moderator and we couldn’t have done it without her.
  • All in all we had a phenomenal weekend and maybe we’ll be able to speak at other panels in the future. Woot!

Without further ado… (click through for HD)

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin’ Bravo!!

  • chaseruyle

    it’s almost like i was there. wish i could’ve been.

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could have been there as well :( You guys did so awesome though! I’m soo proud :’)

  • Anonymous

    Great video. I’m actually eager to see this potential list of great gaming communities. Even though I’m a male, and since we also deal with talkshitting a lot (apparently quite a few gamers have slept with my mother…I was shocked to find out she was into that kind of things, lot of those gamers have also made sexual advances towards me saying they’d “fuck me”), I actually find it hard to find a great gaming community that takes these issues seriously rather than taking them for granted and just “deal with it”.

    Not to say that those insults have ever really bothered me, pretty much grown a thick skin over the years, but I’ve always found it hard how people tend to just ignore it and let that player continue ruining the chat for everyone else. Muting somebody is merely a temporary solution which doesn’t address the issue, but people just don’t want to bother to do more than that. Kind of odd, and sad at the same time.

    Anyway, love this website and I wish FUoS keeps getting more and more readers.

  • Nikoru George

    You know, before I watched the video, I was looking at length of the
    video thinking to myself this “video is way too long”. Even though I
    paused to surf the net a few times, I made it to the end. I’m glad I did.

    I don’t game online too often, so I didn’t know any of this was going
    on. I was shocked that there were people who had such backwards thinking
    to the point of denial. I was thinking “no way anyone actually thinks
    that way” or “It’s gotta be a troll”. I’m over it though. Some of the
    submissions are so sad that there funny. Well I’ll definitely keep back
    to see more in the future.

  • Eric Piotrowski

    Excellent discussion, thanks for posting the video!

    I hope it’s okay if I give a quick shameless plug for the community I helped to found — — we don’t tolerate any kind of sexist (or racist, homohating, etc) hogwash and we’re always looking for new members! (GoW2 playdate today (Sunday) at 1pm EST.)

  • David Ma

    Awesome guys! I’m sure this was one of the best if not the best panel at PAX Prime. I really hope FUoS can make it to PAX East.

  • JustPlainSomething

    Proud to say I was the first person in line for this panel. There was a lone chair in the waiting room and I totally got to sit in style for an hour or so (everyone else sat on the ground like newbs). I was so glad I got to meet you guys. <3

  • David

    Congrats to all four of you that were on the panel. It was a lot of fun to attend.

    It was well worth the hour or so that I spent in that tiny queue room.

  • Berty Archibald II

    That was a great presentation. I know you guys are keeping it pretty casual about the whole thing but you touched on an important issue in that video. Just why this sort of harassment is different from the typical yo momma trash talk, which I think is really important to emphasise since there are a lot of people who just go “oh it’s just harmless fun”. All of the messages sent are just dripping with that hetero-masculine culture that’s constantly perpetuated within and throughout not just the video game communities, but also the industry as a whole in terms of what games are being made. I think you should really focus on the misogynistic aspects of this whole thing, but you definitely finished it with an excellent message; that people need to report this or even call them out when they see this thing happening, so that others can understand that it just isn’t acceptable.

    Loved the costumes btw

  • Daniela Lao

    Love you guys! I was there in spirit, I was working during the panel.

  • anni linklater

    Wonderful! And even though you guys don’t seem to see this as political, I am of the opinion that this site exceptionally clever activism.

  • Luis Pabon

    That was a pretty awesome panel to listen to.  Wish I could’ve gone!

  • Daniel Parrey

    After being linked by a friend I’ve got to say that was a really interesting panel.  What you guys do is really interesting, although what I would also love to see is discouraging females who then feed on the same attention that leads to the negative comments. Every time I enter a game and see “Hi, I’m a girl!” typed, I think I would like to die lol

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    That’s a great idea! Unfortunately, we’re a bit too busy to focus on things like that, but maybe you could start a site based around “discouraging females”. You could call it “Women Need To Shut The Fuck Up” or “Excuse Me, Girl, Us Men Are Actually Trying To Play A Game Here” or “STFU Whore”. Just some suggestions.

  • i hate twittter

    I had no idea this site was started by frag dolls. It’s hard to believe because in my eyes ~*girl gamer*~ groups like that perpetuate sexism via their ‘sex sells’ and patronizing, segregating mentality. You guys talked about perpetuating negativity/harassment by not calling it out, yet are members of ~*girl gamer*~ groups that enable special snowflake syndrome and drive us further from equality?

    Still, thank you for starting this site and for the awesome video/panel. 

  • Jon Rosebaugh

    It wasn’t “started by frag dolls”. I’m not a member of any girl gamer group!

  • Molly Maloney

    I am a little late in posting, but I just wanted to say I think there should be a “play as a girl” day where people are encouraged to change their avatars. As a Halo player I think it would really raise awareness if people could be convinced to try it.

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