Deck’s Pecs

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but for dutches on DECK I don’t think any of those words will be nice ones after this.

“No idea where this guy even got my GamerTag since we have played exactly 0 games together. I doubt this technique has ever got him a date.”

dutches on DECK


  • Robert Hill-Williams

    More like douches on deck, amirite?

  • Holly

    I hate these random come ons, I really do…but damn at least he provided eye candy…snap. I would hit that like my vagina’s due date was stamped for tomorrow.

  • Anonymous

    is that to say your vagina is a day away from expiration?

  • Anonymous

    I bet it smells awesome. LOL jk

  • Anonymous

    “Oh dear lord! How you doing? Where have you been all my life?! I’ve always wanted to meet a guy that sends pics to random strangers!” >.< 

  • Heidi Kojima

    He found that picture on the internet. Guys who look like that aren’t quite as awkward =P

  • Eric Piotrowski

    He should really invest in a belt. They’re quite inexpensive if you know where to look. 

  • Anonymous

    you could grate cheese on those abs.holy shit. 

  • Anonymous

    lol even I think they aren’t too bad :P He should consider modeling for undies…

  • Holly

    Are you familiar with the word “like” and its use in modern English as a means to make exaggerated analogies?

    Also, why are you here?

  • Anonymous

    I’m here because I make stuff pretty. I’m here cause I’m a friend (ya see the sandwich? does it look tasty?) I’m here cause I talk to these people on a regular basis. Beside that, fucking with people like you is just about the best added incentive I could’ve asked for. 

    Have a nice day!

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ your sandwich remark…I am literally laughing my ass off. I fucking love you, Marcus. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Marcus literally thinks your vagina has an expiration date.  I think it’s pretty clear he was speaking metaphorically in keeping with your simile.  I believe he’s expressing confusion over the exact meaning of your analogy, and he did it by sharing the most amusing interpretation  he got from your humorous expression.

    Personally, I’m not sure exactly what you meant either.  If it’s not an expiration date thing, then I’ll choose to believe it means that you’re renting your va-jay-jay and you need to use it and get it back to the store in order to avoid late fees.

    (Heh, vagina rental.  I hope they at least do the courtesy of spraying those things like they do with bowling shoes.)

    I really liked where you were going with your analogy, I just think it fell a little flat due to an issue of clarity.

    Also, because it’s semi-relevant, my favorite sexual simile is, “I’m gonna beat my dick like it owes me money.”

  • Anonymous

    Can’t we all just get along? :P

  • Christine Watson

    The whole ‘loan-a-vaj’ joke has been done brilliantly by Wanda Sykes:

  • Anonymous

    Heh. I’ve actually seen that clip before.  It’s funny, but I think our jokes are different enough.  True, they would both involve detachable vaginae, but the humor in mine isn’t based on that it detaches, it’s based on the ideas that people would be willing to use a vagina that didn’t belong to them and that there’s enough people interested in renting a vagina to sustain a market.

    And I’m greatly amused by the idea of then rental folk putting up a facade of sanitation concerns by using the bowling shoe spray.  Everyone knows that the rentals aren’t clean, but the act allows customers to pretend that they are.

  • Anonymous

    Can we all just be grateful he didn’t pull his pants and boxers down lower? Sheesh!

  • Anonymous

    Well, clearly he’s modest.

  • Claudia Nicole Borton

    You know what I like? 

    The sun shaped mirror in the back behind him.

    *Sage nod.*

  • Rikard Nilsson

    How to spam:
    1.Steal picture from spammiest advertising on the internet.
    2. Attach to mail.
    3. Claim it’s you in the picture.
    4. Send mail to EVERYONE!

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