Dachi96IMSERR is that weird person you know who always laughs at their own jokes.

Heheh. Yeah man, that was a good one. *shuffles feet*


  • Anonymous

    So, am I to understand that he’d like you to listen to “girl cumsplat”? o_O

  • Anonymous

    I object to the number of “lol”s that are in this post.

  • popculturemulcher

    Indie music has really gotten out of hand.

  • Anonymous

    It’s rare to have an avatar as creepy as the words. It kind of looks like the internet troll, doesn’t it?

  • Doktor Wilhelm

    So that would be; “Laugh out loud out loud out loud out loud out loud”? Does he increase the volume of a single laugh with each “out loud” or is it an echo?

  • Luis Pabon

    That laughter is the sound of a girl cumsplat.

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