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xiL ReCoN and Zanderbar would be good friends, I think. :)

“These guys were only using motion sensors on Core SnD.  After they beat us, I went in the lobby and told them to stop using motion sensors. We left, and then I got this message.”

xiL ReCoN

  • Doktor Wilhelm

    Yeah, if you’re going to troll people; chances are that you’ll not get a reply on par with the works of Shakespeare.

  • Anonymous

    ‘Verily, Ye douche bag!’ Oh, Shakespeare! What fun!

  • Anonymous

    Thou art some fool, I am loath to beat thee.

  • popculturemulcher

    Sexist trolls need to get together and come up with a bigger pool of insults to draw from.

    Also, people who complain about the use of motion sensors/jammers/claymores/noob tubes/anything really chap my ass. It all boils down to, “Stop using in-game elements and methodical behavior to win!”

  • Joe ‘sleepygamer’ Wilson

    Foul cur! Thou art liken to a goat, fetid milken and broth oozing from whence fecal matter speweth. Nay, I speak not of thy round an lustrous behind! But of the gaping maw that resembles it, yea, upon thine face! One is surprised such a foul beast hast the mind and, yea, the spirit to o’ercome such hindrances, when thy face uncannily bears the mark of a blind claymaker. BEGONE, I bite my thumb at thee! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelled of elderberries!

  • Anonymous

    …fantastic good sir, fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    Some people just want to assume that when you buy ‘game’ that they will always have some kind of guarantee that they will win without the prerequisite of skill. It saddens me that the spirit of fair and balanced competition is completely tossed out in favor of selfish loathing of other players who dare to be more talented than themselves.

  • mauricio

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  • Lucan Monks

    As a games designer – the answer to this is simple… allow players to set the rules for their lobbies – i.e no motion sensors/no rocket launchers/no fat people – that sort of thing. – :P

  • Nikoru George

           When a player becomes over reliant on one tool to win it’s called cheesing. Even if they are in-game elements, it does not make a cheese any less annoying. It requires almost no skill and can be frustrating to those who are not prepared for it. Because a cheese is predictable, so it is possible to win against one. But a cheese can overcome this predictably because their tactics that leave little room for error on the opposing player’s part.

         I remember playing SSBB against one of my friends. I was Ike and my friend was Lucario. My friend kept cheesing aura balls and forward smashes for the whole match. I have descent skills in Brawl, but I’m not a very consistent dodger. I got past some of them but it was not enough. I ended up losing and I was pissed. I knew what to do to overcome him, but I slipped up on my plan and it cost me. I can understand the player’s frustration.

  • Anonymous

    Hate the game, not the player.

  • Anonymous

    Cheesing – def – verb.  To become high by way of snorting or sniffing cat piss.

  • Heidi Kojima

    So…you’re the ones who were trash talking?

  • Nikoru George

    Cheeser – in the gaming world, a person who repeatedly performs the same moves in
    fighting games (such as in Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, etc) in order
    to win.

    Other variations: cheesing and cheesed.


  • Nikoru George

    Cheeser – in the gaming world, a person who repeatedly performs the same moves in
    fighting games (such as in Soul Caliber, Street Fighter, etc) in order
    to win.

    Other variations: cheesing and cheesed.


  • shadownlite

    Trash talking is part of the game, guys do it all the time…when the trash talking gets personal it ceases to be trash talking and becomes, well, what this site is about. Easiest way to get personal with verbal attacks on female is to go for fat, ugly, or slut comments or get really sexist.

    I think it is weird that people have such a double standard when it comes to women. Women are not allowed to trash talk without being personally attacked in a very sexist way? They should just “grow a thicker skin” and not “trash talk with the guys”? I am sorry but that is silly.

    Games are competative and you have to be competative in a game. Part of being in a game is making snarky trash talk. It means making comments in a lobby, like the men in the games do, about “using motion sensors in the lobby”. But getting a message like “stupid fat bitch” when you know that the other people in your group who where doing the same trash talking you were didn’t get any messages from the person? That is uncalled for and what this site is about.

  • popculturemulcher

    I don’t think anyone here was saying that women shouldn’t trash talk or that any trash talking someone might do ever justifies a response like, “u stupid fat bitch.”

    My original comment was (admittedly) a tangent, which I  still hold to whether it’s a dude or chick I’m playing against, is that complaining about someone else’s tactics is irritating. When the submitter said, “I told them to stop using them.” I voiced my opinion that I, personally, find that irritating. No matter what you use, someone will always find it offensive. Tubes, sniper rifles, motion sensors, claymores, drop shotting, assault rifles with long ranges, SMGs that are “too powerful” — someone will always comment on it, and it invariably sounds whiny. If someone else prefers to label complaining about in-game elements as “trash talking” that’s their right. For me, complaining about elements that are built into the game and are not modded/infected/hacked, does not fall under the umbrella of what I consider trash talk. To each his own!

    The original submitter could have been whining about motion sensors ALL NIGHT while playing and she didn’t deserve to get that message because nobody deserves to get that message. The unfortunate reality is, as we all know, that trash talk that involves women quickly devolves into being called fat slutty ugly dykes who couldn’t get a man to touch them and that’s why they’re so angry. It is because of that that I think women trash talking back is very important — by refusing to letting them defacto win arguments with the fat/ugly/slutty trope, we take power away from them.

    Also, I don’t quite understand that whole bunch of mansplaining happening a few comments up — I think we’re all pretty familiar with irritating in-game content and how to deal with it.

    Anyway, this went off the rails, and it was partially my fault. To reiterate: crude, sexist, violent, or otherwise awful messages targeted at women are wrong, wrong, wrong, and there is no behavior (trolling) that can make those messages right. 

  • shadownlite

    No worries. We all get a bit tangent taking at times. I totally get what you are saying.

    I was just commenting that, in general, some guys tend to try and dismiss away what women get in messages from what I have seen on this site. Tell the women to “grow thicker skin”, or say “What did she do to get that comment?” (my absolute favorite comment since it doesn’t take a woman doing anything to get this kind of crap message), or to “just block the guy”. Some even blame the women when they smack talk in games as if they are asking for such abusive comments in private messages. A bit like blaming the victim.

    This is why I am so glad there are sites like this one so people can show what they are getting in private for just playing a game, and usually without provoking the person who sends the message to them beyond winning the game against them.

    It gets it all out in the open so people can see it and it makes it less hidden because when it is hidden from public view…it does tend to give the message more power because it is unsolicated.

  • Anonymous

    While I totally agree that no one deserves to be called names and insulted, I think it’s well worth noting that this attack was provoked.  Does anyone deserve to be bitten by a rattlesnake?  No, but you really ought to watch where you step in rattlesnake country.

    I also feel that the insult was really mild and I doubt it’s really misogynistic.  While it’s clear that the insult choice acknowledges the submitter’s gender, it seems that the insult was hurled because she had aggravated xiL ReCoN, not because she is simply female.

    I would bet money that if the submitter had been male, the message would be the same except that “dick” or “bastard” (or whatever) would replace “bitch”.  And “gay” would probably replace “fat”, though you could still call a guy “fat”.

    It seems clear that this insult was just the meek expression of xiL’s annoyance.    An expression so common, so automatic, so unspecific that it means nothing other than xiL feels something and won’t/can’t put it into grown-up words.

    I’m really struggling to understand how someone can take an insult like this so personally.  If this makes me feel anything, it would be pity for xiL’s inability to express himself more thoughtfully or his inability to take his win and move on without throwing a shitty little tantrum.

    There are clear examples of misogyny in the gamer culture here on FUoS.  The worst, in my opinion, being where people actively try to exclude women from the games (like a guy who would run in the line of friendly-fire to get a girl on his team kicked from the server).  The personal, extended threats of rape and murder are also way up on the list of totally fucked up things that happen to women, but you never hear about it happening to guys.  This submission is just so meh.

  • Anonymous


    Don’t you think “mansplaining” is a sexist term?  I want to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you’re just being comically ironic.  If so: hilarious.

  • Jon Rosebaugh
  • popculturemulcher

    Why is it “well worth noting” that the submitter, in your opinion, provoked the attack? Those of us who have felt like victims — whether it be because of gender, size, ethnicity, age, or anything else — often learn to minimize our vulnerability, it’s true. A child learns to avoid the bully on the playground. A fat person doesn’t allow fully body shots of themselves to be seen by the internet. A woman doesn’t always get on an elevator with a strange man. Why? Because of the harsh reality that bullies will beat on you, trolls will rip you apart for being fat, and a man might rape a woman.

    People who don’t limit their vulnerability by cowering, kowtowing, avoiding, blending in, or keeping quiet don’t deserve to be abused. They don’t bring it on themselves. The problem lies not with the person being attacked, but with the attacker. There might be fewer rapes if women didn’t drink alcohol at parties, yes, but there would be zero rapes if people didn’t rape other people.

    I get probably five to ten messages a day like that when I’m playing Call of Duty or other online shooters. Some of them I get just because my profile reveals I am a woman. Some I get because I am a woman who wins a round. Some I get because I engage in trash talking. Once, I had my most horrifying gaming experience ever. A guy, who didn’t like my playing style and had (though I had no mic on) realized I was a woman, sent me a message that said, “Keep camping, woman. I hope there’s a kitchen in that tent.” (It’s a submission featured on this site, actually.) I grabbed my mic and said to him, while in the lobby and after I had single handedly eliminated his team, “I don’t need a kitchen to open a can of whoop ass on you, apparently.” 

    I trash talked, yes! I, a woman, dared to trash talk! What did I get after that? A retort of, “I don’t need a fucking kitchen to bend you over and rape you, you cunt.” Then about half the lobby piled on, laughing and repeating, “Rape the cunt! Rape the cunt!” 

    Being called a cunt and threatened with rape because I had the tenacity to stand up for myself over a stupid sammich joke is clearly not okay. Most people would agree with that. But being called a fat ugly bitch or a stupid whore for winning, trash talking, or even just having the audacity to Play While Female is also not okay, no matter how much it’s “provoked.” Nobody deserves to be verbally abused, period.

    Also, nowhere does it say that the submitter is female; in fact, the mods here at FUoS have repeatedly mentioned that some submissions come from dudes. Which brings up the interesting point that maybe the submitter didn’t “provoke” sexist language at all — maybe the sender of that message just thinks the worst thing you can call someone is a fat, ugly, woman.

    [edited for a typo/spacing issue]

  • Anonymous

    It’s well worth noting that that the submitter provoked the attack because context changes the meaning of actions.  It’s also worth noting that the attack itself is rather impotent.  This is a case of two parties not acting as they should.  It’s a wash.

    This submission doesn’t help make a convincing argument that women are treated worse than men in the online gaming culture.  In fact, it’s more likely reinforce the assertion that many male gamers make: that women are over reacting and that everyone is treated poorly equally and that women should just grow a thicker skin.  It seems to me that by citing this as a clear example of misogyny, folks are only hurting their cause.Everything I said was in reference to this specific submission.  I wasn’t trying to use it as evidence that women weren’t treated poorly in games.  I wasn’t trying to diminish anyone’s pain.  I thought I was being clear about that– I’m sorry if I didn’t communicate that as well as I believed.

    Your story breaks my heart and makes me burn with a desire to do something about it.  These are the kinds of stories people need to know about.  

    However, I totally disagree with the notion that someone is a coward for taking precautions.  Everyone does what they can to limit their vulnerabilities.  People put anti-bacterial salve on wounds.  People wear seat belts.  Criminals don’t go waltzing through police stations.  People avoid places where they get abused.  Life is made up of gives and takes, and we find the balance that works best for ourselves.  

    There are times where two entities come to an impasse, however.  What happens then, usually, is all out war.  One of these entities must be destroyed for the other to be satisfied.  Though, I suppose, one entity could just beat the other entity so bad that they become completely demoralized and lose the will to fight for what they wanted.

    People choose to cope or to fight… and that can be said with just about any aspect of life.  Ant infestation.  Aging. Et cetera.  So it doesn’t make sense to me to disavow all personal responsibility in negotiating the forces that shape our lives into something undesirable.  We, at the very least, have to try our best to make our own lives the best we can.  Which means avoiding some things.  It also means fighting some things.  That’s just what it means to exist.

    If you want to play games online without encountering terrible people, then try finding a clan or just game with friends. I’ll give you my gamertag.  If you want to rid the internet of fuckwads, then bless your heart.  I’ll even help you strive for that absurdly unattainable goal just because it’s the right thing to do.  Just let me know what I can do.

    Lastly, you’re right: it doesn’t say that the submitter is female.  In fact, one of my reoccurring peeves at this site is how easily folks assume the gender of the people in these submissions.  The reason I assumed that the submitter is female was partly due to the nature of this site, partly due to the folks before me referred to the submitter as female,  partly due to the fact that it’s easier to type “her” than “the submitter”, but I suppose it’s mostly due to the fact that I find it extremely unlikely that the harasser is someone who thinks calling someone a “stupid ugly bitch” is the worst thing to call someone.

    If there was someone who hated women that much, I would think that either calling someone “woman” would be good enough, or they’d be more extreme by using “cunt”.

    I don’t totally discount the idea that the harasser was being as vitriolic as he felt he could be, it just doesn’t seem plausible.

  • Anonymous

    I have no idea why but all I can think of is Gollum. “Stupid fat Hobbitses!”

    (Before anyone comes back with an attack against me for trying to be funny, it is the internet. I don’t think what he said was right in any way but it seems there has been enough serious talk in this thread.)

  • Rikard Nilsson

    I cheese sniper rifles.

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